5 Effective Ways for SAVING ENERGY in Winter Season

In winter season, use of devices such as room heaters or furnaces are quite common. Air filtering systems with heating elements are also used at many places. Here is a ready reckoner to save energy in these devices and elsewhere…

1.Maintain your systems:

Have a certified professional give your gadgets a tune-up to make sure that they are operating efficiently and ready to perform at their best. Don’t forget to change/clean your AC filters each month or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2.Set your thermostat:

If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it lower when no one is at home to maximize energy savings. Setting the thermostat to the lowest comfortable setting can help, and even just one degree can make a difference.

3.Close up gaps: 

Take time now to caulk, spray foam or use weather-stripping to seal leaks and gaps around windows, doors and duct work.

4.Use your ceiling fans:

Set ceiling fans to run clockwise on low speed in the winter to circulate heat more efficiently. This creates an updraft that helps move warm air near the ceiling back out and around the room.

5.Don’t block the heat: 

Open curtains and blinds on sun-facing windows to allow the sun’s rays to help naturally heat your home. Make sure registers are not blocked by drapes or furniture so warm air can easily circulate.

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