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Phoenix Contact offers you an extensive portfolio of products and services – the decisive contribution to your competitiveness...

Machine building has a global and very dynamic market. The competition you are facing as a supplier is tough. For you, it is important that you meet the requirements of your customers and develop a range of products and services that allows you to be sustainably competitive. The focus is on the cost- effectiveness, quality, flexibility, and performance of your machines.

Safety for every function

Utilize PSR safety relays if your machine requires few safety functions and logical links to be implemented. The combination of innovative connection technology, space-saving style and clearly arranged design contributes to the quick and economic implementation of the safety- related application.

Protecting network and data

The FL MGUARD security routers and firewalls protect your machine and your network against unauthorized access by people or malware.

Reliable power supply

QUINT POWER with SFB technology trips circuit breakers magnetically and quickly with six times the nominal current. Only faulty current paths are switched off selectively, important machine parts remain in operation. The QUINT UPS-IQ uninterruptible power supply with its IQ technology thinks along and warns you early about a breakdown.

Intelligent motor switching

Switch and reverse motors quickly and reliably with CONTACTRON compact hybrid motor starters.

The micro processor control enables  wear-free switching. This means that the service life of devices is up to ten times longer than that of purely mechanical devices.

Intelligent motor protection

The CONTACTRON motor manager combines overload and underload detection in a single device. This allows you to detect all critical load states. In the event of an emergency, the motor manager protects the motor and subsequently your machine, because the device shuts down the drive in case of a malfunction.

Securely connecting the field level to the controller

VARIOFACE system cabling connects the controller to the field-easy and error-free. Phoenix Contact provides the corresponding front adapters, system cables, and interface modules.

Protection against surge voltages

Surge voltages pose a risk for machines and can lead to the destruction of important function groups. Increase the safety and machine availability with effective surge protection in the supply and before signal interfaces.

Reliable connection with sensor/actuator cabling

The easiest way of performing the signal wiring in the field consists of the use of sensor/actuator cables and corresponding junction boxes. With M8 and M12 lines in variants for all different types of requirements, you can connect individual sensors and actuators as quickly and as safely as modularly designed system components.

Space-saving and safe cable entry systems

CES is the cable entry system for assembled cables and lines. It allows routing all types of different cables in a space-saving way from the control cabinet to the field. You assemble the system consisting of individual sleeves and frames according to your requirements.

One system – fewer parts

The HEAVYCON EVO plug connector system features a  standardized mount for cable glands from size M20 to size M40. The cable outlet direction can easily be determined on site. This allows up to eight conventional sleeve housings to be replaced.

All connection technologies, one system

With CLIPLINE complete, you can freely choose the connection technology. Whether screw, push-in, spring-cage, quick, bolt or plug connection: Combine all connection types using the same accessories.

Optimum marking material for your application

The manifold product range covers all the requirements of terminal, cable and conductor marking as well as device and system marking. The quality labeling on plastic markers, labels and metal signs expand the applicability up to areas with increased requirements.

The right tool for every application

The Toolfox tool program offers excellent hand tools and machines for cutting, stripping, crimping, screwing and testing. Our ergonomically-designed tools convince through simple handling, high service life and best working results.

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