Amprobe Launches New Multi-Meter

AM 420 is Amprobe’s one of most popular Compact Digital Multimeters, now it is available for the Indian customers…

The AM 42O Digital Multi-meters are specially designed for technicians working in field of repair of mobile phones, laptops & computer peripherals, LCD panels and other electronic gadgets, residential appliances like washing machines, AC, fridge, kitchen appliances etc. This accurately measures voltage in power sockets, single phase distribution boards, switches, extension cords and light fixtures.

Its continuity function can be used to easily troubleshoot light bulbs and fuses. This compact tool is designed for in-home repair and electrical testing applications, including measuring presence of voltage in electrical sockets, extension cords, batteries and other electrical circuits up to 250 V AC/DC.

It is a must-have tool for residential projects including installation, troubleshooting or repair of light fixtures, fans or appliances. DC ranges of voltage and current are included to help with automotive diagnostics of electrical systems. The battery test feature checks the amount of charge remaining in standard 1.5 V and 9 V batteries.

Amprobe 420 Multimeters are compact DMMs that combine functionality with user-friendly form factor and great value. The Digital Multimeters come with 1 Year Replacement Warranty – and are backed by Fluke India service network. These are available across India through Fluke India sales channel network.

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