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A High Potential Energy Storage Solution 

Ultracapacitors have large energy densities – up to 1/10th of battery or even more, but their strengths lie in high power delivery... - R P Deshpande
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- The Electrical India Content Team On the 5th of May 2020, SEMI reported its Power & Compound Fab report for the year 2024, in...

Study of Inrush Current

The selection of over-current protection devices such as fuses and circuit breakers is made more complicated when high inrush currents must be tolerated. The over-current protection must react quickly to overload or short circuit faults but must not interrupt the circuit when the (usually harmless) inrush current flows…
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- The Electrical India Content Team On the 1st of May 2020, Thomas W. Vitez retired from ITC after which Charles L. Marshall has...


Busbar enclosure The proximity effect can also be minimized by using a non-magnetic enclosure of aluminium or stainless steel. In magnetic materials the field in...

Comparison Of Supercapacitors Based On Carbon Derived From Leaves Of Tree

Supercapacitor also known as electric double layer capacitor is emerging as a new energy storage device. Due to its high power density, wide thermal operating range, low cost, and long cycle life, it bridges the gap between battery and conventional capacitor. However, it has lower energy density than batteries. Electrode material plays a key role for improving the capacitance, and hence energy density of supercapacitor. In leading research and development organisations in the world, research works are going on in search of new electrode materials for improving the capacitance of the supercapacitors. This article presents a new approach to synthesise activated carbon from leaves of trees as an electrode material for supercapacitors. Activated carbon obtained by such process can be cost effective and also environmental friendly...- Gaurav Shekhar,Ashutosh Phatak, Dr PB Karandikar,Prof Swati Shirish More

Capacitors – Get More Power & Save Money

Power factor is the ratio between the KW and the KVA drawn by an electrical load. Where the KW is real power to load and KVA is the apparent load power. It is the measurement how an electrical equipment getting current in actual. A load with power factor of 0.85, results much higher losses in supply system and consumer has to pay higher bill… - Anuraj Kumar

6 Common Differences Between Reflective and Conventional Mass Insulation 

Reduction of heat transfer from outside to inside of a building lowers the cost of (electricity) cooling during summer days...
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KEI Industries pledges to support India’s battle against COVID-19

-By Electrical India Content Team On the 1st of April 2020, KEI Industries pledged Rs. 2 Cr to the PM Care Fund supporting the fight...


The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the top trade association representing the U.S. semiconductor industry, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the...

Doors for Industrial & Commercial Use

High Speed Doors designed and manufactured by Gandhi Automations are sturdy, dependable and are the ideal solution for medium and large entrances. The doors...

KEC International aims 15% YoY revenue growth

KEC International Ltd, the flagship company of the RPG Group, is an Indian multinational infrastructure EPC major. In an interview with Subhajit Roy, KEC’s...

Capacitors Beyond Fundamentals

The article focuses on basics and some other new aspects in capacitor for various applications which needs to be relooked in to engineering education - Samata Parulekar, Prof R M Holmukhe, Dr P B Karandikar

Fuji Electric introduces devices to significantly reduce power loss

In this product, the power loss is reduced by using an IC that controls the IGBT drive to prevent the switching speed from decreasing under high temperature conditions...

India’s semiconductor pursuit gets a strong push

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the top trade association representing the U.S. semiconductor industry, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the India...
gas turbine equipment

MHPS’ T-Point 2 technology now attains commercial benchmark

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems’ (MHPS’) T-Point 2 combined cycle power plant validation facility has recently entered full commercial operation with an enhanced JAC gas...
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Parallel Operation of Alternator

When the load on a system exceeds the amount of power that a single or existing number of generators can deliver, an additional generator is connected to the system to deliver required power. This method of adding an alternator in the existing system is called ‘parallel operation of alternators’. - Neha Mistri

High Temperature Superconductors Wires And Cables: Technologies Of Energy Conservation

Emerging technologies of High Temperature Superconductors (HTSrs) have an enormous potential for improving capacity of underground and overhead power T&D systems, motors, generators and power plants – because higher Jc and zero resistance of HTSrs reduce losses and can replace conventional conductors... - Hambir Singh
aevere weather conditions can threaten grid operations


- The Electrical India Content Team Digitally Enabled Grid, is a research carried out by Accenture, the research involved a survey of over 200 electric...
gas turbines the heart of power generation dr iyad al attar pg 29


- The article is authored by Dr Iyad Al-Attar Dr Iyad Al-Attar is a Mechanical Engineer, and business innovator. He is also a Visiting Academic...