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Automation & Control Systems

Automation providers and utilities are beginning to utilize fleet management tools that allow the optimization of power production across all the plants operated by a company or across a region…
Power System Automation

Power System Automation

Power system automation is the act of automatically controlling the power system via I&C devices…

Automation & Power Plant Economics

An analysis on how automation can change the overall economics of power plant operation. By Subhajit Roy, Group Editor


The article discusses about the whole substation automation system, like the intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and SCADA. - Dr G D Kamalapur

IoT in Energy Sector

The article discusses introduction of IoT in power sector, leading to make the grid smarter, reliable, efficient and robust. - Dr. Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Archit Srivastava  
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Protecting Power Grid Automation Systems

The article gives a glimpse of functionalities of power grid, its automation and control system, communications. Potential cyberattacks and their adverse impacts on power grid operation are discussed, a general SCADA cyberattack process is presented. The article also discusses the major challenges and strategies to protect smart grid against cyberattacks. - Dr L Ashok Kumar
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Strategic mapping of Indian electrical equipment industry - Subhajit Roy, Group Editor

Transmission Lines in Smart Grid

The power flows from power utilities to consumers whereas if wireless sensor networks are added, then the real time price information will also flow from base station to consumers. If the consumer is aware of price of power in peak times, then consumer will act accordingly and regulate his consumption as per price information sent to him. - Geeta Yadav

Enabling Technologies for Smarter Grid

Increasing penetration of renewable energy into the electricity grid is posing new challenges to ensure grid stability and reliability. The impact of volatile renewable generation and decentralisation of energy is driving the industry towards exploring options like IoT, robotics, Cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Power Sector Automation Today & Tomorrow

Discover how automation is impacting the growth of the power sector. By Subhajit Roy