Transform Potential of Your Transformer Reference Materials

To aid in the organization of a corporate or personal library, Megger is introducing a comprehensive series of Transformer Life Management bulletins that broadly cover the fundamentals of managing the life of a transformer.

Throughout their working lives, most engineers amass a collection of invaluable reference material. And it is safe to assume that most will have also dealt with the angst of having misplaced a valued piece of reference at some point! Such occurrences fuel subsequent reluctance to loosen a tight grip on these resource libraries. Since, in most cases significant personal investment has been put into growing these collections – which typically include university textbooks and the like – often, when valued employees move on, these treasure troves follow them.

This highlights the advantages of establishing and maintaining a protected corporate library, accessible to all. A corporate library serves important roles, such as spreading valued knowledge much further within the organization. It also helps with succession planning, as an additional way to pass on knowledge.

This is what you can do as a company to retain this wealth of information:

 Build: While most companies have employees who know a lot, it is unlikely that they have time to write it all down for posterity. A more effective solution is to build a library and have your in-house experts curate the collection. Annotating key materials as they relate specifically to the company is another invaluable service these employees can provide – and most of them will be glad to do it as they are passionate about their profession!
 Grow: Materials are all around but they need to be sourced, thoughtfully selected and catalogued, so make sure you have someone who is knowledgeable enough to do that for the library.
 Maintain: While some material may be timeless, the most recent understanding of a subject must also be housed within the library. Electrical testing, for example, has advanced – if you have material on this topic, when was the last time you updated it?

Introducing Megger Transformer Life Management (TLM) Bulletins

To help with the building, growth, maintenance and organization of a library (be it corporate or personal), Megger is introducing a comprehensive series of Transformer Life Management (TLM) bulletins that deal with the fundamentals of managing transformers throughout their working lives. The bulletins cover topics such as moisture in transformers as well as detailing the many electrical tests available to assess transformer condition. If you collect several publications on a particular subject, Megger TLM bulletins are ideally suited for placing at the front of each collection to introduce and contextualise the subject.

Megger TLM bulletins include recent and significant developments in the electrical test domain, ensuring that those who use them will be fully up to date with topics like:

 Dynamic winding resistance (more specifically the variations of and differences in dynamic measurements)
 Individual temperature correction (ITC)
 Dielectric frequency response (DFR) for transformers and bushings
 How to increase the efficiency of testing through test lead management solutions like “One-time Connection” and a true transformer test van
 Demagnetizing procedures – different approaches

Accessing Transformer Life Management (TLM) Bulletins

Megger invites you to download a new TLM bulletin each month – absolutely free of charge. You can also register to receive an alert as soon as the latest bulletin becomes available. Visit to learn more and start reclaiming the potential of your library today!

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