Fast Connect cable from igus reduces harnessing time by 46 per cent

New flexible chainflex Profinet cable saves time-consuming stripping with knife and pliers...

igus now offers a new chainflex Profinet cable for fast cable harnessing in the field. For this purpose, igus relies on Fast Connect technology, which ensures that the cable can be stripped easily in just a few steps. This allows assembly time to be reduced by 46 per cent. At the same time, the new Profinet cable has a long service life, especially in dynamic use in the energy chain, and a guarantee of up to 36 months.

Thanks to Profinet technology, even large amounts of data can be transmitted at up to 100 Mbit/s on the basis of the Ethernet protocol. Profinet cables are often used in combination with an RJ45 connector in machine tools, packaging technology or in the field of handling. While many machine and plant operators already rely on ready-to-connect readychain energy chain systems, users in the field need cables from the drum which they adapt to the length and harness themselves. This may be the case, for example, if the cable has to be guided through a screw connection into the switch cabinet. Here, the only thing that fits through is the cable but not the connector. To quickly join the connector to the cable, igus has now developed Fast Connect technology for its highly flexible chainflex Profinet cables. It ensures that the new CF898.061.FC can be stripped and fitted with a connector in just a few steps.

Fast Connect

The cable, a connector and a stripping tool: that’s all the electrician needs for the harnessing. For this purpose, igus has designed the inner jacket, the shield and the outer jacket in such a way that the user only has to set the tool once, then remove the cable, insert the connector and close it. The whole process saves 46 per cent time compared to the conventional stripping of a classic cable with pliers and a knife. “With the new Profinet cable, we can offer users a highly flexible cable solution that is quick to assemble and at the same time has a long service life in moving applications”, explains Andreas Muckes, Head of Product Management chainflex cables at igus GmbH.

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