High – Performance Thermal Camera with Viewfinder FLIR T800-Series

FLIR T800-Series thermal imaging cameras provide a noncontact inspection method with a tilting optic design, making it easy to safely and comfortably assess the condition of critical electrical and mechanical equipment. Advanced features such as 1-Touch Level/Span contrast enhancement and sharp laser-assisted autofocus ensure the camera takes accurate temperature measurements every time. Plus, the T865 offers temperature measurement accuracy as good as ±10C / ±1% to help professionals make decisions quickly. T800-Series cameras are compatible with FLIR AutoCal interchangeable lenses, for simplifed transition from scanning wide areas with the 420 lens to inspecting distant targets with the 60 telephoto lens. Adding a FLIR T800-Series camera to a condition monitoring/predictive maintenance program can help reduce maintenance costs, improve system effciency and reliability, and prevent lost production and downtime due to outages.

For further information: E-mail: manpreet.Kaur@teledyneflir.com, Website: www.fir.com/T-Series

Improve Workflow Efficiencies

Collect and manage critical data quickly and easily

  • Develop and download routes to the camera via FLIR Route Creator* for streamlined inspections of critical assets
  • Acquire temperature data and thermal and visual imagery in a logical sequence for faster preventative/predictive maintenance procedures
  • Automate data management and reporting through easy transfer of organized fles to FLIR Thermal Studio*


Assess the state of equipment from a safe distance, at any angle, or in any lighting condition

  • Use the camera in any environment – indoors or out – with a large, vibrant 4-inch color LCD display and an integrated eyepiece viewfnder for working in bright sunlight
  • Image targets overhead or down low without strain thanks to the 180° rotating optical blockand ergonomic design
  • Accurately measure small targets over long distances or in large scenes by pairing the high-resolution IR sensor with the optional 6° telephoto lens


Save time and share data faster to increase in-feld effciency

  • Ensure precision measurement with laser-assisted autofocus, 1-Touch Level/Span, and
    exceptional temperature accuracy†
  • Avoid diagnostic errors with industry-leading image clarity from FLIR Vision Processing, combining MSX, UltraMax, and proprietary adaptive fltering algorithms
  • Optimize workfows with reporting features such as built-in voice annotation, customizable work folders, and Wi-Fi sync to FLIR mobile apps

*All new purchases include a three-month trial of FLIR Thermal Studio Pro and the FLIR Route Creator plugin. At the end of the trial period, users who choose not to purchase a full-year subscription will be transitioned to FLIR Thermal Studio Starter.

†Accuracy as good as ±1% with T865, see specs for more details

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