As per the 13th Amendment of the Atomic Energy Act of Germany, Grohnde is scheduled to retire from the grid latest by 31. 12. 2021…

Representative image by ulleo from pixabay

The Grohnde nuclear power plant (KWG), with a gross installed capacity of 1,430 MW, has recently passed the mark of 400 billion kilowatt hours of electricity generated. This new record continues the success story of the pressurized water reactor on the river Weser. It is the only Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) unit in the world to generate so much of electricity.

Commenting on the achievement, Dr. Erwin Fischer, Technology and Operations Director at PreussenElektra, said, “Our power plants are still among the best in the world. They proved that again last year under the difficult pandemic conditions. We are very pleased that KWG has managed to set such a record in its last year of operation.”

Adding to the Director’s remark, Michael Bongartz, Plant Manager at Grohnde, said, “With great personal commitment and the support of our specialist contractors, the KWG staff have always taken good care of their plant. They are now reaping the rewards. I am delighted about this, because we could not have delivered more convincing proof of the safety and performance of our power plant.”

The NPP’s success story began with its first synchronization to the grid on September 5, 1984. Since then, the pressurized water reactor has been world champion in annual power generation a total of eight times and has had an average availability of almost 92 per cent – also an excellent value by international comparison.

In addition, over the past 36 years, operation of the Grohnde NPP has saved 400 million tonnes of carbon emissions that would have otherwise been produced by coal and gas-fired power plants.

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