Frontec aims to increase focus on installation services

"Development of new products based on customer feedback and inputs, especially field related and installation issues will help Frontec be in touch with the ground reality," shares Ashok Saigal, Managing Director, Frontier Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Frontier’s performance in the recent past
Frontier Technologies Pvt Ltd (Frontec) has been in the business of manufacturing heat shrinkable products since 1987. During the last few years, we have seen a significant growth in terms of volumes of existing product lines as well as an increased contribution from emerging market opportunities. New products like a fully-insulated tap-off connector for AB Cables (Frontec-MVT) have contributed strongly to business volumes and have also helped establish a technological advantage for Frontec. Frontec manufactures all its heat shrink components inhouse, helping it guarantee product performance to meet customer expectations. Frontec has also started providing jointing services for installation of its jointing kits. This helps ensure quality workmanship and longer service life for the installed joints.

Future Roadmap
Looking forward, Frontec is aiming to increase its focus on installation services. This coupled with orders from focus customers who look at life cycle costs and long-term system reliability, will help to establish Frontec as a benchmark for good quality reliable products.

Development of new products based on customer feedback and inputs, especially field related and installation issues will help Frontec be in touch with the ground reality. This ground-up approach will ensure that Frontec products are the preferred choice for both jointers and field staff as well as top management and key decision makers.

Frontec is looking at increasing R&D and customisation of its offerings as per customer requirements – both for heat shrink cable joints as well as other allied products and services.

Key Differentiators
Frontec manufactures all its heat shrink components inhouse from the granules stage. This is a very different approach from the most of our competitors, and helps us ensure consistency and full traceability of our products and components. All Frontec products are embossed with our logo to prevent counterfeiting, traceable batch numbers are printed on each and every component. Inhouse manufacturing coupled with a strong system for product improvements based on customer feedback help us stand-out from the competition.

Frontec at ELECRAMA 2020
Frontec will be participating in ELECRAMA 2020. This will be the first time that Frontec is taking up a stall in ELECRAMA. Frontec chose not to participate in previous editions, as we felt that there was not enough of a differentiating factor, and we would not be able to showcase our capabilities optimally.

To highlight our technological advantage as an end to end manufacturer, we have planned a key exhibit, to focus on how our material properties are designed to not only meet, but exceed the required specifications and customer requirements manifold.

We will of course also be looking at networking with potential partners and customers and setting up new avenues for business growth, both in the cable jointing segment as well as any other product development opportunities.



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