Global trend of deploying smart electric meters

After witnessing the global craze for smart phones, now we are passing through a time when globally the demand for smart electric meters is increasing fast. In short, I can tell that a smart electric meter can not only improve the electricity distribution system but also save the waste of energy that ultimately leads to the path of protecting our environment.

Almost all electric meter manufacturers in the world have already launched their smart electric power measuring meters with multiple advanced features, and the process of further development is continuing at a rapid pace.

As smart meters produce different kinds of data, their proper analysis is very essential. Many IT companies as well as universities are now engaged in developing this area. For example, researchers from Loughborough University (London) are now developing innovative ways to use smart meter data to help equip the electricity network with low-carbon technologies. Launched in partnership with their National Grid, the SMITN project (Smart Meter Innovations & Test Network) will use data from smart meters to give electricity network planners added information, helping them to manage load when connecting low-carbon technologies like Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers and heat pumps.

Our Indian government is also working hard to deploy smart meters to improve the distribution systems in the country. The government is targeting to replace 250 million conventional electric meters with prepaid smart meters by 2025-26. It has already prepared and released Model Standard Bidding Documents (SBD) for implementation of smart metering projects in the country – for adoption by the states/DISCOMs for nationwide rollout of smart meters under Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS). I hope by the turn of this decade, we will start reaping the benefits of deployment of smart electric meters.

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