igus presents QuickRobot online tool

New version of the robot equipment configurator finds the right energy supply system for cobots, SCARA and industrial robots...

Highly flexible cables and hoses ensure that robotic applications are supplied with energy, data and media. Energy supply systems are required to protect them safely even with high dynamics and torsion. With the extended QuickRobot, igus offers a free online tool for the quick configuration of the individual energy chain system for 418 robots. New features such as product videos support the selection process.

These robots weld, rivet, palletise and assist. In order for the small and large production to be able to work fail-safe in 24/7 operation, they need the right energy supply system to safely route the cables and hoses from axis 1 to axis 6. For the simple design of the individual energy chain for cobots, SCARA, 4-axis robots and 6-axis robots, igus has now expanded the capabilities of its robot equipment configurator. In the online tool, users can select their robot from 418 different models from 10 manufacturers and find the optimum energy supply for axes 1 to 6.

A suitable energy supply system:

The path to the customer-specific energy chain is very simple. After selecting the robot model, the user is shown all compatible energy supply systems, such as the three-dimensional triflex R energy chains and retraction systems or the new SCARA cable solution. It features videos of the individual products, illustrating real applications and movements of the energy chain. A visualisation of the robot and an exploded view of the components support the configuration. More detailed information on the components can be found by clicking on the help buttons for the individual fields. The customer can choose the best system for the robot. The price is calculated in real time. The parts list is created automatically, can be downloaded or can be transferred directly to the shopping cart. The CAD data of the individual components, a PDF report and also assembly videos of the components are offered by the tool as a supplementary service. Try the QuickRobot for yourself at: https://www.igus.in/info/robotics-quick-robot 

For further information: E-mail : rkumar@igus.net,
Website: www.igus.in

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