Yash Dinesh Jain, Chief Marketing Officer, MicroSun Solar Tech gives expert insight into the company’s portfolio and the way ahead within its sustainable energy portfolio - By the Electrical India Editorial Team

Tell us about MicroSun Solar Tech. Summaries the solar energy sector from a holistic point of view, where is India headed in terms of sustainable energy?

MicroSun Solar is a Renewable Energy company, and it is one of the leading manufacturers of Solar Photovoltaic modules/panels, Solar Water Pumping Systems, Solar Lighting Systems and Solar Power Packs in India. It is a frontrunner in the area of renewable energy and provides end-to-end Solar PV solutions ranging from manufacturing Solar PV modules to Solar EPC projects. The company carries with it more than 12-years of technical experience of successful solar module manufacturing and project execution in India. The company has set up its state-of-the-art facility with a capacity of 150MW per annum of Solar PV modules manufacturing plant in Bangalore, India. By Integrating manufacturing, commercial expertise, research and development, across the entire Solar Value Chain, MicroSun Solar Tech Pvt Ltd provides industry-leading solar energy solutions that not only includes Module manufacturing, but also turnkey solutions throughout the entire life cycle of solar power plants and solar water pumping systems from project design, engineering, procurement, construction management and maintenance services. Our Consistent effort towards conservation, continual improvement and harnessing of renewable energy has made us deliver quality products to our esteemed clients. At present we are catering to Corporate Chains, Integrators, Private Sector, Indian Defense Force, Central Government Departments and State Government Departments.

Tell us in brief about your solar water pumping system. What are the advantages and application of it? Is it easy to install and what is the price range of these solar water pumps? What is the approach of the people in rural areas towards this kind of technology?

Solar Water Pumping System: With the cost of diesel and electricity rising constantly, solar-powered water pumps are the perfect alternative for rural regions as these have a low maintenance cost and ensure a long product life. The operation of solar-powered water pumps is economical owing to the lower operation and maintenance costs. The pump uses the electricity generated by solar panels, which is fed to the solar pump controller (Variable Frequency Drive) which converts DC to AC and also adjusts the speed and output power as required by the pump.

Advantages: Simple and reliable, easy installation and unattended operation, one-time investment and negligible maintenance, no diesel, other fuel spills or costs, mobility option with few parts, no dependence on erratic grid power, better crop yield due to day time water availability, helps in multiple crop cultivation with round the year water pumping, can be connected to a drip and sprinkler irrigation system, environment-friendly choice

Applications: Irrigation purpose, drinking water, pond aeration & livestock watering, pond management, drip & sprinkler, water purification systems, filtration and poor circulation. There is a fantastic approach to this product category. Farmers are thinking for the long term and that is the way forward. It can be an additional source of income to farmers. In a view of this, PM-KUSUM scheme was launched by the Central Government in India. Farmers are required to pay 10% of total cost upfront and rest will be taken as Loan and Subsidies. Tenders have been floated in the recent past and many are in the execution stage. It looks more promising going forward.

Solar Energy Power Sustainaible Renewable
Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

Tell us about your company strategies undertaken to increase profitability and achieve higher sales volumes – also, elaborate on the concept ‘Business-level product’ diversification the new segment you are expanding into…

The company decided to look for Product diversification, it is was our strategy to increase profitability and achieve higher sales volume from new products which were included in our portfolio. Business-level product diversification – we are expanding into a new segment of the same industry that the company was already operating in. Our customer database increased into manifolds. The Key Products and Solutions, MicroSun Solar provides are:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Modules.
  • Solar Rooftop Systems. (On-Grid & Off-Grid)
  • Solar Water Pumping Systems.
  • Solar Street Lighting Systems.
  • Solar Home/Office Lighting Systems.
  • EPC for Grid-connected Projects. (KW & MW Scale Power Plants)
  • Solar Inverters. (On-Grid & Off-Grid)
  • Solar Energy Storage Systems

The Target is 175GW until 2022 by Government of India under the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and Power, out of which only 34GW has been completed in India. The USP of our Product and Solution is that we do not compromise on our premium quality at any cost. The Solar Industry is more of trending towards the Price Driven market and we stand on the other side of the corner, sticking to our Quality because we see the future and not the present. Talking about the Solutions, we feel the better services and solutions that we have provided to our customers with near perfection has gained us a huge amount of positive response. The customer is completely satisfied with the content of the work we do. We want our customers happy all the time. Be it Post-sales services, or Installations, or EPC for grid-connected projects.

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