Landis+Gyr Scaling New Heights in Metering Industry

"The future opportunities and challenges can only be met with flexible approach, effective planning, innovative ideas, futuristic vision and customised solutions and that is what Landis+Gyr is working on while moving ahead," Ashish Tandon, Director - Sales and Marketing, Landis+Gyr India.

Landis+Gyr India in 2019
In the last one year, utilities have been exploring the use of smart meters for applications ranging from grid reliability to revenue protection or theft detection. IoT (Internet of Things) is redefining the power grid and the increasing demand for reliable power supply and real-time energy information by power users, will require real-time monitoring of power grids and efficient distribution by power companies.

We have been working very closely with different utilities to understand their pain areas and how Landis+Gyr can help them by providing customised and reliable solutions, wherein there is a convergence between the smart metering and distribution automation using a common communication backbone. This will not only help utilities in getting a better or faster ROI but will also help them building a flexible communication network which is scalable and reliable too.

During, the last one year, we have put more focus on delivering end-to-end Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions to the utilities which will enable them to add smarter pre-paid meters in their network as per the Power Ministry guidelines.

Future Roadmap
Landis+Gyr is the number one smart metering solutions provider worldwide, serving over 3,500 utilities and energy retailers globally. Landis+Gyr’s three growth platforms: Smart Metering, Grid Edge Intelligence and Smart Infrastructure help to maintain and sustainably grow our market leading position and help utilities to manage energy better.

Meter industry is gearing up towards fulfilling the Power Ministry’s vision of replacing all the existing 240 million meters by smart prepaid meters in next three years. To support this vision, Landis+Gyr has all the inhouse capabilities in India along with a variety of customised operating and financial models designed which can take care of different pain areas of utilities and put them on recovery path via use of smart prepaid meters.

The future opportunities and challenges can only be met with flexible approach, effective planning, innovative ideas, futuristic vision and customised solutions and that is what Landis+Gyr is working on while moving ahead.

Key Differentiators
Landis+Gyr’s key strength comes from its robust, reliable and proven solutions which are scalable and at the same time can be customised as per the customer requirement.
Scalability and security are the aspects where we have an edge over our competitors. Systematic deployment approach with local adaptability is an added advantage with Landis+Gyr.

We have successfully worldwide deployed fully secured, large-scale AMI networks where we have added millions of endpoints in a short span of time.

As the dynamics of metering is changing with a sole purpose to improve the health of the utilities by supporting applications which can bring down losses, improve billing and collection efficiency, and empower consumer to take informed decisions.

Landis+Gyr is hand-holding the utilities by working in depth with them not only to provide data but by leveraging the data as well. Slicing and dicing the data feed into respective consumption blocks is seamlessly integrated into the system therefore, instead of sitting on a mountain of data, utilities are deriving information which is needed for operational and business intelligence. We have a process driven approach in deployment with checks and measures at each and every point of implementation and operation. This methodology is very successful in various geographies across the globe in diverse topology ranging from rural to urban areas, flat surfaces to hilly terrain, sparsely to hyper densely populated areas.

We offer the solutions which are specifically adapted to Indian conditions and already proven in other utilities.

Landis+Gyr at ELECRAMA 2020
At ELECRAMA 2020, we would be showcasing our systems and solutions, sharing our global experience which will help the utilities to think differently take decisions and move forward in their AMI or smart meter roll out journey. This would enable them to solve their current challenges, help them in preparing for future deployments and make the complex AMI scenario look simple.