Mainspring Energy launches new power generation technology

Mainspring Energy, Inc. launched the Mainspring Linear Generator, the first product in a new category of power generation technology for commercial and industrial buildings, utilities, and microgrids.

The growing mandate for a reliable, affordable, and low-carbon electric grid is driving demand for new power generation technologies that can enable increased use of renewable energy while providing improved resilience against natural disasters, increased flexibility, and lower cost than the electric grid. Mainspring’s breakthrough technology, based on research originally conducted by the company’s co-founders in a thermodynamics laboratory at Stanford University, is designed to meet these demands by delivering dispatchable, fuel-flexible power that substantially reduces cost and carbon while accelerating the transition to a net-zero carbon grid.

The company also announced it entered a $150 million agreement with NextEra Energy Resources to purchase Mainspring units and finance customer projects starting in the first half of 2021.

Shannon Miller, Founder and CEO, Mainspring, said: “Mainspring is excited to bring our new solution to market with world-class partners like NextEra Energy Resources and our initial Fortune 500 customers. Their industry expertise, insights, and validation are valuable assets in meeting our goals: to help our customers reduce electricity costs and carbon output, improve resilience against natural disasters, and accelerate the transition to the net-zero carbon grid of the future.”

John Ketchum, Resources President and CEO, NextEra Energy, said: “Many commercial and industrial customers, as well as utilities, want clean, reliable power generation, with the capability to switch to 100% renewable fuels like biogas and hydrogen as they become available. The mainspring can integrate clean onsite generation with both renewables and the grid, and we’re pleased to support bringing this innovative product to market.”

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