Multifunction Power & Harmonics Analyzer – MODEL – KM 2300

KUSAM-MECO, an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, now presents Model KM-2300, which is a new Class “A” Power Quality Analyzer. This product has an Auto Power off & LCD Backlight display function. It has safety features CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V & standards IEC610191, IEC61000-4-30 A Class.

This can easily capture the power quality problems, and is useful for Single-phase 2W / Single-phase 3W / 3-phase 3W / 3-phase 4W systems. It displays Run Chart, Bar Chart, Vector Graphic, Waveform, Event List, Readings – and holds a 32GB Memory Card to enable long-term measuring data storage. It supports USB port to connect to PC and analyze the data / screen shots copied by U-disk & also supports LAN port to make the remote control available, transfer the measuring data. It also supports WIFI and GPS communication. It measures Voltage range (0~1000Vrms), Current range (1~3000Arms), Frequency range (42.5~57.5Hz & 51~69Hz), Harmonics range (0~50), along with Active power range (1.0~20M Ohm), Apparent power range (1.0~20M Ohm), Reactive power range (1.0~20M Ohm), Power factor range (0~1), Energy (0kWh~200GWh), DIPS & SWELLS range (0~200% for Vrms/Arms) with Programmable threshold in % of nominal voltage Event detection based upon ½ cycle rms voltages Captures Dips, Swells Interruptions and Rapid Voltage Changes. It has Data Logger function, System monitor (Record time up to 7 days & Record Event number >10000). It has an adapter input AC 220V (1 ± 10%), 50 Hz (1 ± 5%), ≤ 10VA.

Model KM-2300 comes with Voltage Test Lead, Alligator Clips, Power Adaptor, Power Cord, Hang strap, Software CD and User Manual.

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