Newtronics gets Rajasthan Green Leadership

Newtronics Green Energy, one of the leading solar solution firm, bagged Rajasthan Green Future Leadership award 2019. The Rajasthan Green Future Leadership award recognises leaders who add valuable contribution and make a tangible difference in sustaining the growth of the solar energy sector. Newtronics received this award on the basis of its contribution towards the solar energy sector and customised solar rooftop solutions, solar EPC, solar LED street lighting systems and solar petrol pump etc.

The program was graced by founder of World CSR Congress and many of top industrial players and NGOs. The criteria adopted for this award is:

  • Environment strategist and change manager
  • Incorporating ethical values
  • Develops responsible leaders
  • Involvement in communities and protection of the environment
  • Strategic perspective and building collaborate relationships
  • Reduces electricity bills
  • Strategic perspective and building collaborate relationships
  • Effective and sustainable mobilisation of resources in support of programme and project work
  • Demonstration of efficient management of financial and human resources, good governance practices, transparency, accountability.

Newtronics Green Energy strives with the vision ‘To build ‘Green India’ through harnessing solar radiation and achieve energy security for the country.


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