Tejas Kusurkar, Co-founder & CEO, Offgrid Energy Labs

Offgrid Energy Labs, a young IIT Kanpur backed innovator and disruptor in the battery technology segment has developed its innovative ZincGel Battery Technology to strengthen India’s EV battery swapping segment with sustainable batteries. The start-up will be targeting mobility partners to bring forth solutions for fleets operating low-powered electric vehicles like two-wheelers and three-wheelers.  ZincGel Battery Technology, in comparison to lithium-ion and lead-acid material batteries, are non-flammable and reduce the damaging impact on the environment. Offgrid Energy Labs plans to commercially launch ZincGel products in India by next year.

ZincGel Battery Technology is a highly efficient alternative to the costly imported batteries that are currently available in India. It will balance the performance and pricing of batteries with the introduction of zinc-based non-toxic materials. The first-of-its-kind technology has promising concepts and designs to address most of the issues faced by Li-Ion batteries especially in battery swapping sector. The efficient energy storage batteries developed by Offgrid Energy Labs can transform the energy landscape not only in India but around the world, fostering the growth of renewable energy and supporting the transition to clean energy.

Commenting on their work, Tejas Kusurkar, Co-founder & CEO, Offgrid Energy Labs, said, “We are super-excited to tweak ZincGel for battery swapping application. We have designed ZincGel as a modular platform that can be modified based on application requirements. With the ability to prioritize between charging speed, temperature stability and energy density, our innovation is focused on addressing a wide variety of stationary & low powered mobility applications.”

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