Our Government’s Appreciable Effort Towards Decarbonisation

I feel proud to think how much committed my country is towards decarbonisation. Our coal-based power sector accounts for almost 2.4 per cent of global Greenhouse Gas (GHG). As far as our power sector is concerned, in 2014 around 68.7 per cent of Green House Gas (GHG) emission came from it. However, in pre COVID – 19 time itself when there was full-fledged utilisation of power, i.e., between January to August, 2019 (as per data availability from authentic sources), the CO2 emission increase rate came down sharply to 2 per cent – very satisfyingly it was the lowest annual increase in the (almost) past 20 years. In the same period, usage of hydrocarbon in the power sector also witnessed a downward trend.

As, since March 2020 power demand reduced because of imposed lock-down, the measures of this period are not of much significance. However since August 2020, again utilisation of coal has started increasing, now it is important to deploy proper means to arrest the CO2 emission.

Coming back to the actual point where I started – in November 2020, Coal India Limited (CIL) – the single largest coal producing company in the world, declared a highly admirable step. According to the information supplied by CIL, laying impetus on use of alternative green energy source, to power its mining operations, Coal India Limited (CIL) is venturing to set up 14 rooftop and ground mounted solar power projects of 3,000 MW capacity by FY’24. CIL has been mandated by the Ministry of Coal to become a Net Zero company. Solar power initiative is a part of CIL’s diversification plans. Thus, I am confident of our government’s integrated approach to curb the menace of CO2.

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