“Our in-house toolroom facilitates new product development in the fastest possible lead time…”

Incorporated in 1990, Billets Elektro Werke Pvt. Ltd. (BEWL) is engaged in the manufacturing of cable lugs, metal socket, connectors using copper and aluminium as the key raw materials, at its manufacturing facility located at Umbergaon, Gujarat. In an exclusive interview with the editorial team of Electrical India, Chirag Patel, Managing Director of BEWL is describing his company’s contribution to the development of the Indian power sector. Excerpts…

What makes Billets unique to the cable and wire industry?

BEWL is the pioneer in cable lugs and cable crimping technology – and was among the first ones to introduce cold crimping cable jointing/termination in India. We have played a key role in developing the cable termination systems in Railways and Utility Boards across India.

We have a state of the art partly automated manufacturing facility, wherein we have complete control over the entire production process from the raw material stage to the finished product, all under one roof.

Furthermore, our in-house toolroom facilitates new product development in the fastest possible lead time. Lastly decades of experience lends an experienced hand in developing tailor-made solutions for power companies.

The power sector is going through a major transformation and reform in the distribution and rural electrification space. How does this transformation impact the wires and cables segment?

The immediate need of the hour to uplift the rural population is abundant reliable power distribution. The wire and cable/accessories industry will play a major role towards this reform as these are the building blocks of a power grid. We see a huge growth trajectory for our industry in this regard for the next decade at the very least.

What do you consider as being the “Golden Rules” of market communication?

While there are many facets to successful market communication, I suppose it starts with the following:–

  • Positioning: How do customers perceive your product in their minds?
  • Needs & Wants: What are the features or salient attributes that a customer expects from your products?
  • Communication: How to convey succinctly what your product is – what it does, its benefits over the competition etc., and how it meets the needs and wants of the customer.

Please summarize your medium term plans for Billets and the corporate milestones.

We have plans to expand our existing product portfolio to cater to the American market, and are ramping up our tooling and UL testing to start supplies there. On the domestic front, we are concentrating our R&D efforts to develop copper parts for the solar and EV market.

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