“Our geographic expansions will be a big focus”

"Our roadmap for next year includes bringing more maturity to our existing practice areas and elevating the standard of professionalism and expert services to the best in the industry," Shares KK Kelaiya, Co-founder and Head, System Protection Electrical Engineers and Consultants.

System Protection in 2019
The last year at System Protection has been very exciting. Strategically, we set business goals in the last year to expand both – horizontally and vertically – meaning, to increase our depth of expertise in certain areas and expanding the geographies we serve. Both have worked out very well and have demonstrated the strong foundations of the business we have built over the last 20 years.

Today, we serve over 500 clients in 3 different continents around the world. At the same time, our most valuable clients have stayed with us for more than 15 years.

We have also built new expertise and vertical focus in diagnostic testing, a service area that our entire client base has shared great feedback on.

Our investments in training, engineering and human capital in the last few years have put us in the perfect position to capitalise on the opportunity that Industry 4.0 brings around the world.

Future Roadmap
It is important to understand that our industry – subset of electrical protection, has grown very organically. The barrier to entry is very low since an individual can simply borrow or rent a test kit and start providing services. But as the industries scale and the projects grow large, you don’t just need a qualified service partner, you need a dependable service partner who is extremely professional in his approach and can help you mitigate the risk. At the core of running any business, is to mitigate risks in an organised manner.

With this in mind, our roadmap for next year includes bringing more maturity to our existing practice areas and elevating the standard of professionalism and expert services to the best in the industry. We will do this with an inclusive approach for the entire industry through training, education, thoughtleadership, and stakeholder management. The shift from a reactive mindset to a proactive mindset within our industry is crucial, so we can prevent disasters and mitigate risks in an efficient manner. This will improve the productiveness of the industries we work with, and at the same time, establish a win-win equation for all.

Our research and exploration around the world have also shown that there are several markets similar to India where the need for professionalism and expert services is very high, for example, Africa. These markets are going through industrial transitions India has already been through and need assistance in their transformation process. We see this as a big opportunity for growth globally. We have already established ourselves as a leader in the domestic markets and our methods are scalable to new geographies with minimal changes. This means, we can deliver greater benefits to the new markets in a shorter span of time and thus, accelerating their transformation process. Our geographic expansions will be a big focus in the next year and decade for us.

Key Differentiators
Our biggest differentiator has been working with our clients as “Partners” and not just as “Service Providers”. It’s easy to say but hard to practice. For example, our overall goal is to be continuously educating our clients. We do it not just when equipment fails or when a fatal incident occurs, but also before it happens. When we find signals of potential failure, we share it immediately with clients without waiting for further deterioration. Sometimes, it requires additional monitoring, which we are happy to work with our clients on it. Our own internal success metrics is to assess how self-sufficient our clients have become to take care of their own needs. This is an unusual approach for business growth, but we strongly believe that becoming self-sufficient in proactive monitoring for safety is of paramount importance in any business.

Our large client base and diverse range of projects give us the benefit of compounding our knowledge from the ground. We distill the insights and learnings through engineering case studies which we share with a wide audience in the industry – irrespective whether they are our clients or not. Our ethos in running this business is to work to win the clients’ trust before we work to win their contracts.

System Protection at ELECRAMA 2020
We participate in several industry events globally throughout the year, but ELECRAMA by far is the most important for us on the calendar. Over the years, it has become the destination for all the stakeholders and decisionmakers to gather and learn from each other. We play a small part in this ecosystem by our continued efforts in education and sharing our case studies.

At ELECRAMA, our intent is to engage with the best in the industry and showcase our work with our clients. If you stop by our stall, we will spend a good amount of time with you to understand your needs and share our work that has created an impact for the industry at large.

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