“Polycab believes in backward integration”

"The high degree of backward integration helps us to maintain the standard quality of product," shared Bhushan Sawhney, President & BU Head LDC, Polycab India Limited.

Could you give us a brief overview of the power cable industry in India?
The market size for power cable industry in India is very huge and we have a very large share of the same. We are targeting around substantial growth in the current fiscal. There was a slump in the real estate industry for the last few quarters. The government has announced initiatives to push the sector and it will pick up with time. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Tell us about the performance of Polycab India during 2019.
We are leaders in wires and cables manufacturing in India. Apart from supplying all variants of power cables and wires, we offer electric fans, LED lighting and luminaires, switches and switchgears, solar products and many other accessories. Though the market in the last year (2019) was very tough, we have had good growth in the segment.

How could you maintain the growth when the industry was not doing well?
Polycab believes in backward integration. We worked very tightly with controlling our procurement and manufacturing costs. Also, we tried getting every order as that is the philosophy. Moreover, Polycab has not grown alone, we have grown with our channel partners. This has helped us to maintain our leaderships.

What about maintaining the product quality?
We have our own research and testing labs where we carry out testing and are involved in continuous development. Our testing lab is accredited by NABL. The high degree of backward integration helps us to maintain the standard quality of product.

What are your new products?
In the wires and cables segment, we introduced a new product i.e. Green Cable, which is sustainable, green and non-hazardous. This best-in-class cable deliver much higher visibility than the standard FR wires along with features such as higher flexibility and flame retardancy. We have also introduced the fire survival cables using aluminium and copper that can withstand against fire for a longer duration. We are also manufacturing cables for use in defence.

What kind of value additions your FS cables bring?
Wires are the heart of any building and this makes safety very crucial for places like schools, hospital etc. Our FS cables can withstand heat generated from fire for more than 3 hours which should be enough to evacuate.

What are the products you showcased at ELECRAMA 2020?
We have showcased the entire Polycab brand under one roof. Our product range at ELECRAMA included wires and cables – heavy duty cables, light duty cables, speciality cables, switches and switchgears; consumer products like LED lighting for home, offices, commercial establishment, street, warehouses and factories, fans geysers and automation.

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