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India envisioned a 100 smart cities to achieve sustainable urbanisation. One of the focus areas in Smart Cities Mission is to provide reliable power supply, minimise distribution loss, and have effective means of managing power distribution in the city. Thus, the power sector will play a huge role in realising this ambitious plan. Here, we present to you an in-depth analysis on why smart cities could be a golden opportunity for the Indian electrical equipment industry.

Smart cities are designed for optimum utilisation of space and resources. Smart electricity plays a critical role in this context. An article by Prof. Sarat Kumar Sahoo from VIT University assesses the necessity of smart electricity for manifestation of a smart city. Also, as smart cities propagate the idea of clean power, Prof. DC Baruah of Tezpur University explains how the rapid advent of ICT integrated control system including micro-grid could make renewable energy as the right candidate for smart city projects.

Coal-fired power plants in India are reported ‘unhealthiest’ in the world. Experts from the clean energy company Fortum talked about how their technology can counter NOx emission.

Today, luminaires are not merely tools of illumination, thanks to digitisation. Internet of Things (IoT) in lighting is enabling the designers to produce fully-integrated systems that can be connected seamlessly with a wireless network or ethernet. This time, experts from the lighting industry take us through the developments in street lighting. Hope you will enjoy reading this issue as always.

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