Towards Hydrogen Economy

Recently, Plug Power has revealed its ambitious plan to build a new state-of-the-art green hydrogen production facility and electric substation in the New York Science, Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Park (STAMP). As North America’s largest green hydrogen production facility, the plant will produce 45 metric tons of green liquid hydrogen daily. The plant will use 120 MW of Plug’s state-of-the-art PEM electrolyzers to make the hydrogen using clean NY hydropower. The company’s existing Tennessee plant in a network that aims to supply 500 tons per day of green hydrogen by 2025, 1,000 tons per day globally by 2028 and that when fully built will offer their transportation fuel customers pricing competitive to diesel.

The significance of the news goes much beyond the mere information of a plan. It indicates world’s most influencer country America’s effort towards accelerating its journey towards a clean, carbon-free economy. We may recall, around one year ago, the BNEF’s Hydrogen Economy Outlook (report) pointed out, “Hydrogen is a clean-burning molecule that could become a zero-carbon substitute for fossil fuels in hard-to-abate sectors of the economy. The cost of producing hydrogen from renewables is primed to fall, but demand needs to be created to drive down costs, and a wide range of delivery infrastructure needs to be built.” America is on the same track.

It is praiseworthy that like one of the first drivers of renewable energy, the Indian government is also focused to welcome the hydrogen economy. The budget 2021-22 has proposed to launch a National Hydrogen Mission for generating hydrogen from green power sources. Let us welcome the journey with our best wishes.

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