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Electricity is the lifeline of any economy, be it developed or developing. India has an
installed capacity of about 3,34,400 MW of power as of last week of January 2018. Our dependability on thermal power – that includes coal, diesel, gas – must be reduced. Even today, we depend on these fossil fuels for almost 66% (2,19,000 MW) of our entire electricity.

India is the land of Himalaya and where one of the oldest hydro power plants was set
up in 1897 at Sidrapong in West Bengal. Yet, even after 120 years we managed to
reach only about 45,000 MW from hydro power. Today, around 33% of the global
hydro power is generated in the Asia Pacific region, whereas India is generating only
about 14% of our total power through hydro. Compare this with China which is
generating almost four times our generation through hydro.

The cost of hydroelectricity is also relatively low, making it a competitive source of
renewable electricity. We do have enormous potential in hydroelectric generation. It
is estimated that India can easily generate about 1,50,000 MW hydro power. This is
apart from nearly 75,000 MW that can be generated using small hydro plants with less
than 25 MW and pumped storage schemes. Several places in central parts of India
near river basins have been identified as potential sites. This government is talking of
power for all through renewables. If we generate our future power using renewables,
the generations to come will live in a pollution-free world. We need to walk the talk.
Hope things move swiftly.

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