SANY introduces battery-electric truck mixers

Sany Battery Electric Truck Mixers

SANY unveiled a full battery-electric version of its truck mixers, scheduled to be under the spotlight at bauma CHINA 2020.

The light-weight designed model is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motors with maximum 350 kW in power output and 2800 N·m in torque, remarkably outperforming diesel-powered vehicle. The high-energy-density LFP batteries supply with sufficient energetic sources to motion and mixing activities of the vehicle, enabling an NEDC-rated driving range of 250 KM. We partnered with world-leading battery supplier to augment the power source with thermal management technology, anti-roll-over structure, and fire-proof protection system.

Other features of the vehicle include self-heating function in a low-temperature environment and advanced cooling system in high-temperature condition, so the truck is versatile under a wide scope of work conditions. Additionally, Truck Line, an IoT platform dedicated for SANY vehicle, provides with productivity-enhancing functions, such as real-time monitoring, performance analysis and remote diagnosis. 

SANY’s battery-powered solutions are and will be supporting our customers to build up confidence in facing the ever stringent emission regulations.


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