Smart and well-networked Thermal imager – testo 868

Smart Thermal Testo 868
Smart-thermal camera - testo 868

In the range of thermal imagers, testo 868 is one of the best considering its quality, measuring performance and impressive smart functions. Its integrated digital camera ensures high-resolution image quality. With this portable device, users can generate error-free, objectively comparable infrared images and execute on-site reporting via testo Thermography App. Since it is Wi-Fi enabled and equipped with smart technology, one can even use a smartphone or tablet as an alternative display or for remote control. The testo 868 can identify leaks, overheated connections, overloaded machine parts, electrical anomalies, structural defects, etc.

Mechanical and Electrical maintenance

In the industry where machines and equipment are continuously operating to fetch the desired output, early identification of imminent malfunctions, defects on plants, electrical components and connections are critical.

Thermal imagers & testo 868 is used for:

  • Identify wear on machines, motors, bearings, shafts etc.
  • Fast detection of Hot Spots during continuing operation
  • Avoid expensive damage, downtimes and fire risks on plants and machines
  • Test switching cabinets, electrical conditions or circuit boards
  • Evaluate heat status in low, medium and high voltage plants

Building Thermography

The health of a building is necessary due to various aspects and testo 868 can easily address:

  • Test air-tightness of windows and doors
  • Locate insulation errors and cold bridges in a building shell
  • Detect and visualize mould-risk areas

Testo 868 Application

testo 868 application electrical-cabinet

Wifi Bluetooth Connectivity

Wifi and Bluetooth Connectivity with testo 868

HVAC system maintenance

Facility managers are obligated to ensure healthy systems & testo 868 can assist them in various ways:

  • Testing air conditioning/ventilation systems & identify irregularities in the temperature
  • Testing of radiators for silting
  • Thermal profiling of other air regulating components

Thermal Inspection

Solar plants are great sources of power and electricity furthermore some serious threats can jeopardize the power output of these systems. Also, as there are so many crucial components in the PV plants like solar modules, cells, array box, diode junction box, invertors, LT panels, cables etc, it makes the maintenance of the plants compulsory and what better way than conducting a thermal inspection to detect

  • Hotspots & localized heating due to bird drop, dust & dirt
  • Open/Short circuit in the modules & cells
  • Overheating of panels or joints
  • Micro-cracking & cell ruptures
  • Corrosion & loose connections

Technical highlights

  • Infrared resolution of 160 x 120 pixels & extended to 320 x 240 pixels via integrated SuperResolution technology
  • Large temperature measuring range from -30°C to +650°C
  • Smart and networked with free testo Thermography App
  • Automatic hot-cold spot recognition directly displays critical temperature conditions
  • The testo ɛ-Assist ensures the correct measurement result by automatically determining and setting the emissivity and reflected temperature
  • Pro software for image evaluation on the PC

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