The company’s local manufacturing capabilities are positioned to support data centre operators in India and globally…

Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has inaugurated a new cooling factory in Bangalore. This factory will focus on developing innovative cooling solutions to meet the growing exponential demand for data center ecosystem in the country. The new factory, which covers ~ 6.5 acres, has been built with an investment of Rs 100 Crores (~ 10Mn Euro). Eighty five per cent of the products manufactured in this factory will be exported, significantly catering to the Datacentre segment, as well as to Buildings, Industry, and Infrastructure. Fully owned by Schneider Electric, this factory will play a crucial role in the company’s global supply chain.

This new factory is equipped with cutting-edge technology and specializes in manufacturing cooling products and solutions that are tailored for data centres, telecom, commercial, and industrial applications, both in domestic and international  markets.

The primary focus of the factory will be on producing the following products:– Latest generation in row cooling systems: These systems provide targeted cooling directly at the heat source, maximizing server performance while minimizing energy consumption; High-efficiency chillers: These chillers offer reliable and efficient cooling for data centers of all sizes; and Primary Air Handling Unit (PAHU), Precision Air Conditioning (PAC), FANWALL systems: These are installed in data centre halls to provide a more cost- and energy-efficient method of bringing in cool outdoor air. In addition to increased efficiency, FANWALL systems offer maximum flexibility, optimized airflow, and minimized turbulence.

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