The (US) Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) is the voice of the semiconductor industry, and the (US) Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC is a world-renowned, high technology-based consortium…

Two Stanford University professors; Dr. Subhasish Mitra, Professor of Electrical Engineering and of Computer Science, and Dr. Boris Murmann, Professor of Electrical Engineering; have been nominated for the 2021 recipients of SIA-SRC University Research Awards.

Commenting on their research works, John Neuffer, SIA President and CEO, said, “Research drives the innovation needed to advance semiconductor technology and strengthen America’s economy and national security. Professors Mitra and Murmann have been instrumental in advancing chip technology, and we are pleased to recognize them for their outstanding achievements.”

Neuffer also highlighted the urgent need for leaders in Washington to enact funding for the semiconductor research, manufacturing, and design provisions in the CHIPS for America Act. SIA has also called on leaders in Congress to enact an investment tax credit for both semiconductor manufacturing and research. A combination of grants, tax credits, and research investments is needed to turbocharge U.S. semiconductor production and innovation.

The semiconductor industry is highly research-intensive. U.S. semiconductor companies invest nearly one-fifth of revenue into research and development, among the highest of any industry. But federal investment in semiconductor research has been flat as a share of GDP for years, while other governments have invested substantially in research initiatives to strengthen their own semiconductor capabilities. Increased investments in research, including semiconductor research, is vital to maintaining the US’ technological edge.

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