Making the Unpredictable More Predictable

GE’s flexible digital HYpact solution can be used in several applications – from mobile (truck-mounted) substations to onshore wind substations. Basically, it helps make the unpredictability of the electrical network more predictable, while reducing the customers’ operational costs, as well as their impact on the environment...

Recently, GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business has energized a new 123 kV, 16.7 Hz HYpact switchgear for DB Energie GmbH’s 60-year-old Amstetten train station located in Lonsee between Stuttgart and Ulm in Germany.

Developed as part of the EU-funded IN2STEMPO project, the digital hybrid compact switchgear is a first-of-its-kind. IN2STEMPO is developing a smart railway power grid with an interconnected system that integrates smart metering, innovative power electronic components, energy management, and energy storage systems.

HYpact switchgear

Condition Monitoring: GE’s HYpact switchgear includes the field proven and reliable circuit-breaker, disconnector, and earthing switch. It has been equipped with hybrid digital current transformer sensors able to provide conventional, as well as digital, data of the current flow. Its low voltage cubicle is equipped with the CBWatch system to monitor circuit-breaker conditions such as gas temperature, pressure, and density; and cabin heating, which is important when the cabin is equipped with several electronic devices. Monitoring the electrical wear gives additional insights into the circuit-breaker’s condition. Additionally, a motor current measures switching times and signals alarms for pole discrepancies, out-of-time operations, and position errors to help ensure safe circuit
breaker operation.

Modular Design: In HYpact hybrid compact switchgear assembly, circuit breakers, disconnectors, and earthing switches are located in a common gas tank. Current and voltage transformers can be added and the standard SF6 to air bushings can be replaced with cable connectors. Its modular design allows for a large variety of different layout configurations and enables a more economical substation design.

Application Areas: HYpact is well suited for heavily polluted environments and is the high-performing choice in regions exposed to seismic activity. Its compact design with low center-of-gravity is ideal for withstanding seismic acceleration, as proven by shaking table tests and finite elements method simulations. HYpact customers also benefit from long maintence-free periods with reduced exposure to environmental influences and a low number of bushings and moveable contacts.

Remote Monitoring: HYpact switchgear is now fitted with digital power sensors using very sensitive low power instrument transformers instead of conventional oil immersed instrument transformers. The new switchgear provides remote monitoring of the grid’s status from a control room and provides access to additional HYpact switchgear health monitoring capabilities.

DB Energie is enabled to lower its carbon footprint

In a modern digital substation, copper cables are replaced by optical fiber cables, which will allow DB Energie to lower its total carbon footprint. These new sensors and monitoring capabilities will provide DB Energie with more operational and non-operational data. Leveraging this data, downtime and operational costs can be reduced through predictive insights and proactive maintenance strategies.

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