SUPERFET V Family of MOSFETs for Server and Telecom Applications by onsemi

Offering superior switching characteristics, the new devices enable power supplies to meet 80 PLUS Titanium efficiency.

A leader in intelligent power and sensing technologies, onsemi, announced its new 600 V SUPERFET® V family of MOSFETs. The high-performance devices enable power supplies to meet demanding efficiency regulations such as 80 PLUS Titanium, especially at the highly challenging 10% load condition. As part of the 600 V SUPERFET family, three product groups – FAST, Easy Drive and FRFET – are optimized to deliver class-leading performance in a variety of applications and topologies.

The 600 V SUPERFET V family offers excellent switching characteristics and lower gate noise resulting in enhanced electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance – a significant benefit for server and telecom systems. Additionally, system reliability is enhanced by a robust body diode and elevated VGSS (DC ± 30 V).

“With the objective of tackling climate change, 80 Plus Titanium certification requires server and data storage hardware to deliver 90% power efficiency levels in 10% load conditions, and 96% efficiencies when dealing with 50% loads,” said, Asif Jakwani, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Power Division, onsemi. “The FAST, Easy Drive and FRFET versions of our SUPERFET V family are meeting these demands, providing a robust solution that assures ongoing system reliability.

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