TDT Copper Ltd: Largest Manufacturer of Copper Rods & Wires

TDT was set up in India as 100% FDI by Tahian Electric of Korea and Toyota Tsusho of Japan. The company was later taken over in 2009 by the Ladha Group, professionals with long standing experience of over four decades in the copper industry.

TDT Copper Ltd is India’s most advanced and environment friendly ETP copper rods producer, using Southwire Technology from USA. TDT plant is located at Bawal Cluster, Haryana, in NCR region of India with installed capacity of 79,200 MTPA. Location of the plant is at the heart of Northern India’s industrial activities, perhaps only plant for ETP grade copper rods in this belt.

TDT was set up in India as 100% FDI by Tahian Electric of Korea and Toyota Tsusho of Japan. The company was later taken over in 2009 by the Ladha Group, professionals with long standing experience of over four decades in the copper industry. TDT under the new leadership of the Managing Director, Avinash Ladha, with his entrepreneurial acumen and vision, and ably supported by his team of professionals, have since reached new heights. TDT has been successful in evolving their business model as per market conditions to ensure that the company’s financials remained healthy.

TDT has since expanded into manufacturing Oxygen Free Copper Rods and Drawn Copper Wires and is presently the third largest manufacturer of Copper Rods & Wires in India. TDT plant complies with all the stringent environmental, safety and quality standards. It is also the only copper producing company exempt by the Pollution Control Board and hence has no risk of disruptions due to India’s commitments to achieve global environmental standards.

TDT is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company.


TDT is an established brand and offers widest range of ETP CC Copper Rods of diameter 8 mm, 9.5 mm, 11 mm, 12.5 mm, 16 mm and 19.6 mm of international quality, conforming to ASTM B49 standards. Stringent norms are followed for the quality check during online process as well as the final product.

TDT Copper Rods are primarily used by OEMs in power, electrical, telecom, automotive, railway and electronic sectors. High quality conscious consumers manufacturing ultrathin enamelled wires have successfully indigenised their requirements and have reduced their dependence on imports due to TDTs comparable and consistent quality.

In addition to the domestic supply, TDT also exports their ETP rods to several countries round the world.

Considering the current market size of CC Copper Rods in India vis-a-vis the availability, and the projected annual growth of copper consumption at 7-8% in the coming years, there is a huge opportunity for TDT as India is fast becoming an emerging market for quality products. The growth sectors are largely going to be power and electrical with focus on transformers and alternate energy segments (both solar and wind energy) as well as electric vehicles segment.

India is on the verge of becoming an emerging power nation among developing economies. The availability of electricity is directly linked to the GDP growth of developing economies. Growth of the Indian electrical industry largely depends on government policies which are already under major shift with increased focus on the rural electrification and development of smart cities. The transformers sector is expected to play a major role in this transformation.

TDT’s Focus

Energetic vision of the MD, Avinash Ladha:

With Indian economy projected to grow at 6.75-9% in the next five years and increased thrust on rural electrification and development of smart cities, the copper consumption in power sector will be near to double digits. It means big opportunity for all of us.


1. Double the business in 3-4 years’ time.
2. Taking customer satisfaction to new heights with 360 degrees views of satisfaction parameters.
3. Study emerging products and our customers’ technological trends and then develop products through R&D accordingly.

Sustainable Business Model Focus

Aligning sustainable development with the business goals / Younger generation from family with International Management education and exposure, Ritesh Ladha is involved in building next generation of professionals in marketing and international trade, manufacturing, procurement and specific projects for future. Till date journey has been roller-coaster and now slowly and steadily emerging as ‘youthful ETP grade copper rod manufacturers of different approach to market’. Perhaps, that will make us to be game changer of this business trend and activities only time will tell!…

Marketing Head, Parimal Das has in hand a cut out plan for short/ mid-term as well long term strategy for the market on four basic parameters:

1. Product Differentiation:

There are generic products which have been there since ages. However, technology applications are changing at nano level at customer end/ segment. We have identified those areas and both product improvements, customer-specific and industryspecific tailor-made products will be in place.
2. Customer Focus: Customer specific focus and quantified parameters to have a long advantage for them and their products and services are being incorporated in our customer focus strategy.
3. Relationship Marketing: TDT follows a customer relationship management that focuses on customer loyalty and long-term customer engagement rather than short term goals like
customer acquisition and individual sales.
4. Cost Quality Approach:
• Enhancement of customer satisfaction by producing and supplying world class products of mutually agreed specification & quality and in time.
• Conservation of all resources, human, material & natural as well as recycling of material and reduction of waste wherever possible.

TDT is already heavily into exports. Considering PM’s approach for new India: ‘Make in India’ we have good opportunity for quality products for the world .We are adding more and more markets across globe as well as new products for exports market. Next three years, there will be a big turnaround in TDT on export front in terms of geographical penetration as well as new range of products

Present Product Range:

1) Continuous Cast Copper Rods: 8mm, 9.5mm ,11mm , 12.5mm , 16mm and 19.6mm

TDT has extensive presence across and especially in the North India in the production of Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper rods. It uses LICENSED technology SCR 2000 of Southwire USA confirming ASTM B49 specifications.

2) Cast Bar:  Standards:  ASTM B 5 (UNS No. C 11000)

Raw Material: Electrolytically refined LME Grade-A copper cathodes. As per ASTM B115.

3) Bare Wires: TDT has capability to produce bare wire up to 1.6 mm presently. It has advantage for the manufacturers to improve in their production process efficiency

4) OFC (Oxygen Free Copper Wire): OFC Rod with ten upward casting lines from Rautomead, UK with a total capacity of 8000 tons a year. It has superior quality features like high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high ductility, less surface oxide, high creep resistance, good weldabilty, good for low frequency signal transmission.

5) Copper Cathode: Our raw material is Electrolytic refined copper cathode as per ASTM – B11500 standards with 99.99% purity. We use LME Grade A Copper Cathodes only which are sourced from countries like Zambia, Chile, Japan etc. We market or import our best quality cathodes for different customers across India according to their requirements.

Future Products

TDT is aiming to produce 23mm onwards CC Copper Rods in future in their plant to set a platform in Indian Railways as an import substitute and become the leading supplier of copper rods with best quality assurance and excellent service facility. Indian Railway are modernising the railway tracks for the fast service of the system where higher diameter rods will play crucial role.

(Source: TDT Copper Ltd)



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