“We insist on 70% placement by our training partners…”

Power Sector Skill Council (PSSC) has been promoted by the Ministry of Power (MoP) through Central Electricity Authority (CEA), Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) with necessary support by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). In an exclusive e-interview with Electrical India, Ravi P. Singh, Chief Executive Officer of PSSC fields questions from P. K. Chatterjee (P. K.). Excerpts…

What’s your take on the gap between education and employability in our country, especially in the power industry?

Mismatch continues between education and skill sets that the power industry presently needs. Surveys are done for knowing the gap but the same do not give a correct picture as the labour contractors in informal manner supply the manpower to match the demand.  These contractors deploy labour in power plants or sub stations, but without enough skill and education. Many a time, they do not even have enough knowledge of safety precautions, resulting in accidents. This is a serious matter, and we need to plug the skill gaps by training people with top priority. The power industry should ensure that they allow only certified workmen.

How does the Power Sector Skill Council attempt to bridge the gap?

We conduct intensive surveys in the industry to know the real gaps. Based on the findings of the surveys, job roles are prepared in each specified area, and the necessary training programs are designed to improve skill.  So far we have created 34 job roles in various segments of electrical industry, i.e., Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

What are the job roles on which comprehensive trainings are provided?

Distribution  sector is being focused these days and training of industrial & domestic electricians are in much demand, but I personally feel that training in transmission should be given priority – as it is the most difficult work in this sector and very good training centres are not available for training in this area. Comprehensive training in transmission sector is a must.

How are you modifying your training systems keeping in view the ongoing disturbed situation due to the spread of COVID 19 pandemic?

We have concentrated mostly on training of trainers & assessors during this Covid-19 affected phase, because they have an idea about the system & even if taught on line through some videos or cameras, they are able to understand the point.

Who are your training activity partners?

We have empanelled many training providers and developed Centre of Excellence and Academies in collaboration & with help of big industry giants like L&T, Tata Power, Adani, Powergrid etc.

What kind of opportunities do the students get after being trained?

They get employed in PSUs, State Sectors, Private Sectors, Discoms etc. Contractors are also recruiting skilled workmen these days.

What’s your role in that?

We insist on 70% placement by our training partners, develop needed job roles, co-ordinate Job Melas. A Rozgar portal has been made functional for this purpose.

Are your certificates valid internationally?

Our certificates are Nationally Valid, but they are of International Standard. Any industry abroad will have no hesitation to adopt it.

What would you like to communicate to the prospective candidates?

Candidates should take up job roles where expertise matters more. For example, the Transmission Segment.  The job is difficult, but payment is much more as compared to that of the domestic electricians.

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