In the coming days the supplies from the coal companies to the Power Plants is expected to improve further…

Representative image by ustalij_pony from pixabay

Ministry of Coal is all set to address the issue of stock build up at the end of the Thermal Power Plants (TPPs) during the monsoon season.  It is notable that coal stocks with Coal India Limited (CIL) are adequate to meet the upsurge in power demand being witnessed in the country since July this year. The supply of coal to the Power Plants is being monitored at the highest level in the Ministry on a daily basis in coordination with the Ministry of Power, Railways and the Coal Companies.

The Secretary (Coal) has reviewed the supply scenario with the Coal Companies on 27th August as well as 30th August. He has given specific instructions to the coal companies to give priority supplies to all the TPPs having critical stock level and to focus on stock liquidation from the mines having high stock level. He has further directed that in case of availability issue at linked mines alternative sources be allocated for smooth running of the plant. The despatches are being aligned with the advisories of Power Ministry.

CIL has stepped up its coal supplies vigorously during the last five days of August’ 21 consistently clocking 1.7 million tonnes (MTs) per day. Augmenting supplies to coal fired power plants, CIL is pumping 1.36 MTs of coal per day. The last three-day average loading to power sector has touched 1.4 MTs.

All efforts are being made in cooperation with Railway authorities to enhance despatch to meet the unprecedented growth in demand for coal-based power.  The subsidiaries of CIL have upped their loading commensurate with the prevailing demand scenario. Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) in a record performance has despatched 102 rakes on
30th August.

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