Fluke India poised for double-digit growth

"We strive to maintain our leading position in the predictive maintenance tools and calibration standards through market leading innovations," says Prabhakaran PV, Head - Product Management, Fluke India.

Fluke India in 2019
The industrial growth in India is going through a tough phase for a few quarters for now and in general majority of the companies across various segments are struggling to keep up the pace they had gathered in last few years. At Fluke, we believe in innovation and providing solutions to the customers to win. Fluke’s commanding position in quality, accuracy and reliability makes it a preferred brand in the market and we outdo our competition in every product or market segment we work. We continuously push ourselves to create value for our customers who works across multiple segments, industries and geographies which help us maintain our leadership position. Even at the current economic conditions, we are poised to post a strong double-digit growth in year 2019.

Future Roadmap
We strongly believe in our shared purpose of providing essential technology for the people who accelerate innovation and progress; hence, we try to walk a bit ahead of the curve to serve market requirements and lead it with examples. We started adopting new technology measurement sensors and communication features aided by IoT a couple of years back itself and now majority of our products are equipped with technologies to meet the Industry 4.0 standards and new age connected environment challenges.

We strive to maintain our leading position in the predictive maintenance tools and calibration standards through market leading innovations. Our recent new product launched like Fluke ii900 Sonic Imagers, Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imagers and Fluke T6-1000 Non-contact current and voltage measurement tool using field sense technology are all unique products and first in product category they operate using all connected sensors are just the beginning.

Key Differentiators
We help our customers win over their challenges through innovative products and solutions. Some of our innovations include Fluke 550 Motor Drives Analyser which can calculate motor efficiency without using mechanical sensors, Fluke 810 FC Vibration testers with built in diagnosis engine, and Portable oscilloscopes with the highest safety rating etc. which are helping the customers meet their day to day challenges efficiently and cost effectively. We have revolutionised the industrial thermography by introducing Fluke 401 Pro and Fluke TiX 501 thermal camera with 640×480 resolution offering high resolution imaging at affordable price points when the professional grade thermal imagers were considered out of reach to many.

Every associate of Fluke and our channel partners believe in our founder’s words – “The customer should always get more than they thought they paid for” – and work towards achieving this. This philosophy combined with relevant and innovative products and solutions are keeping Fluke ahead of its competition even after 70 years of its inception.

Fluke conducts s regional seminars across India
ELECRAMA, perhaps the biggest exhibition of electrical and electronic products and technology, offers a huge platform to connect with various industry leaders, customers, and suppliers and showcases latest technology. It a great opportunity to meet a wide set of audience from a very diverse background. However, Fluke has gone one step ahead and decided to conduct its own version of product exhibitions through regional seminars across India to connect directly with its target audience at their place of work.

It offers us a great advantage to meet our customer at their place of work, understand their daily routines or challenges and offer hands-on demo along with proof of concept and clear ROI. This gives customer a great amount of confidence that the product or solutions suggested to them will work in their real-life applications and makes their decision making faster.

These regional seminars give Fluke India a tremendous advantage over our competition by providing us with deep insights about our customers, their work challenges and offer real time solutions. We shall continue to invest in customer training and on field product demonstration.

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