From old to new: igus is making e-chain recycling even easier

The igus installation service will now have old energy chains collected...

Since 2019, igus has been using its chainge recycling programme to give old energy chains a new life. Now, the motion plastics specialist is taking things a step further. Recycling begins at assembly. To avoid industrial waste, igus is organising return delivery of worn-out energy chains – and returning them to the material cycle.

Sooner or later, every machine and every component reach the end of its service life. Manufacturing companies then face the question of whether to modernise or acquire new equipment. Sustainability plays an increasingly important role here. After all, according to the Global E-waste Monitors, 53.6 million tons of electronic waste was generated worldwide in 2019 alone. A more environmentally friendly upgrade for old machines is the so-called retrofitting: instead of buying new machines, companies can have existing equipment converted or refurbished so that it meets the latest standards. However, this does not solve the problem of where to put discarded components.

Recycling made easy: the igus installation service picks up old material

For new installation, retrofitting or maintenance, igus focusses on recycling instead of disposal – starting way back in assembly planning. The recycling service is offered automatically with each new assembly order and entails no additional costs or effort for the customer. igus takes care of the scrap material in four simple steps: first, igus removes the worn-out energy chain, then disassembles it into smaller pieces and packs it into Big Bags. Finally, igus organises the return transport and logistics. The installation coordinator commissions the forwarding company, which collects the discarded energy chains. That way, the customer has only to provide the scrap material for collection and load it. It is then taken away and recycled as part of the igus chainge programme. This service is offered for both igus e-chains and chains from other manufacturers. Customers receive a voucher based on the weight of the chains. The discarded plastics are separated by type, cleaned and re-granulated.

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