“Kusam-Meco” Autoranging True RMS Digital Multimeter With Data Logging & PC Interface Model KM 891

KUSAM-MECO has introduced a most advanced TRMS Digital Multimeter Model KM 891 having 60,000 Counts with data logging function & PC interface.  It has 21 Functions & 63 Ranges. This new Digital Multimeter has 21 function packed in 1 instrument so that the user does not have to carry many instruments. The basic DC voltage accuracy is 0.03%. The instrument is water proof & dust proof with IP 65 rating. It has safety compliance CAT III 1000V & CAT IV 600V.  It can capture trends and Data record / read back 20,000 records. For the safety of the instrument & the user in case of wrong test lead input, the instrument gives alarm & buzzer to warn the user. It also has date & time function.  It has measuring functions.

AC current, AC + DC Current, AC Voltage, AC + DC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency, Temperature measurement function. A very special function in the instrument is Conductance measurement.  Additionally, it has the function of duty cycle, Diode Test, continuity Test and Pulse width.  It has dBV and dbM.  To conserve the battery power the meter will switch off, if any switch or button is not operated for 15 minutes.  It can also display Maximum & Minimum & Relative value.  Peak detection of the input value is also available in this instrument.  It also has the function of Data Hold, Comparison instrument.  It complies with Safety Standards IEC/EN 61010-1, EN6101-2-30 & pollution degree 2.  The functions are displayed on the LCD screen graphically.  Optional, facility of Bluetooth is available.

A software CD & USB cable is supplied along with the instrument, in addition to a pair of  test leads.  Two K-type thermocouple probe, one temperature connector, Carrying Case & Operational Manual are also supplied.

For further information, Email: sales@kusam-meco.co.in, Website: www.kusamelectrical.com

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