Raytech AG’s Switzerland State of Art CAPO12 for factor measurement

The CAPO12 is a fully automatic 12kV AC Capacitance & Insulation tan δ / Power Factor measuring instrument at variable frequency.

The self-contained instrument performs measurements of Insulation Power Factor (Cos Ø), Dissipation Factor (tan δ), Capacitance, Inductance, Excitation, Quality Factor and Power Loss (watts).

Tested at Ladakh & Kargil, India in “-23°C”

Measurements can be made up to 12KV AC at variable frequency (From 10HZ TO 400HZ) that can be changed during the testing.

CAPO12’s key features

-Single Piece Construction – The portable and rugged instrument is perfect for use in the Field, Facility or Manufacturing Plant.
-No Laptop Required – Touch Screen Operation
-Capacitance measurement up to 53nF
-Test Voltage: 0 to12 kV continuously adjustable even during the ongoing testing.
-10 Hz to 400Hz, 45-100 Hz (12 kV); 10-400 Hz (7.5 kV); Frequency sweep with selectable frequencies should be possible.
-Test Current of 200mAmp – Continuous at 12 KV
-On Board Thermal Printer
-Very Fast Testing, single test time is less than 30 sec
-In-Built Standard Capacitor
-Inbuilt Trolley For Easy Transportation at Site Or Within The Plan
-Extremely Lightweight Cable Set of <7 KG for 10 Meter Length and <10 KG for 20 meter Lengh
-Touch Screen Operation.
-Tan δ accuracy ± 10-4
-Internal Thermal Printer
-Internal storage for over 10 000 test Results
-Portable, rugged and Easy to transport

It is specially designed for fast and easy measurements with well-known high precision and quality of all Raytech instruments. Raytech Products are readily available all over India and it also has efficient after sales support setup.

For further information: Email: info@ngepl com,
salim@ngepl.com, Website: www.ngepl.com


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