Open to new ideas & investments for product development: Mitsubishi Electric

"Mitsubishi Electric India plans to grow its business and share in the Indian market in the coming future," Rajeev Sharma, Head - Corporate Services & Strategic Planning Mitsubishi Electric India.

Mitsubishi Electric in 2019
Mitsubishi Electric is diligently working towards understanding Indian market needs and delivering products and solutions as per the Indian market standards. The year 2019 has been a prominent year for us. We have launched a new product in the market like MSY GR(T) series, a tropical inverter technology air-conditioner from Mitsubishi Electric. Also, Mitsubishi Electric is managing a double-digit growth in residential AC segment in 2019.
We have explored new business verticals in all our business units. In Factory Automation Systems, we are the leader in factory automation automotive solutions, we are breaking the cliché by entering new industries like steel, power, printing, paper, pharma etc. As a company, we are diversifying our business and our business units are taking new leads in different domains. In Semiconductors & Devices, we are providing solutions mainly for traction, white goods, renewable energy etc.

We are strongly supporting Indian infrastructure through our transportation services by supplying rolling stock equipment to Metro Railways of many cities. We have wide products range including train control and management system (TCMS) propulsion system for Metro which includes traction motor, control equipment, auxiliary power supply.

Future Roadmap
Mitsubishi Electric primarily focuses on listening to its customers and understanding of growing market needs. Mitsubishi Electric India plans to grow its business and share in the Indian market in the coming future. Also, Mitsubishi Electric India is open to new ideas and investments for product development and manufacturing in India for which we keep on doing market research and analysis and will do more investments depending on the business scenario in the future.

Key Differentiators
Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in electric and electronic equipment for residential, commercial and industrial use. We consistently try to deliver reliability, quality and efficiency through our product and solutions. To make a strong presence and create a distinction from our competitors, we have applied our primary and secondary market research in the development of products like MSY GR(T) series, a tropical inverter technology air conditioner from Mitsubishi Electric. The air-conditioner comes with features like fast cooling, long air flow, dual barrier coating, micro particle catching filter, quiet operation. One of the significant features of the MSR GR (T) series of air-conditioner is high cooling performance with a guaranteed operating range up to 52-degree C, which suits the Indian needs to beat the heat in hot summers. The inputs on having such a product for the Indian market was from our dealer and business partners who are our eyes and ears in the market. We were able to deliver a product as per their expectations and within the first year of its launch the product has become a success.

The company also launched a new J-Series transfer moulded power semiconductor module (T-PM) mainly for motor drive applications in electric and hybrid vehicles. It is known that automotive components must especially meet stringent safety standards, which creates demands for power semiconductor modules that provide greater reliability than modules for industrial equipment. The company’s new module is expected to contribute to further compactness, weight reduction and reduced power consumption in inverters for electric and hybrid vehicles.

In Factory Automation Systems, we are delivering quality, efficiency and time-saving features though e-F@ctory which promises enhanced productivity. It makes full use of leading-edge control technologies and network technologies to ‘visualise’ production information, including quantitative and qualitative production data and equipment information. It links production equipment to higher manufacturing execution systems to allow production information to be incorporated into production plans and be utilised to ensure quality traceability. As a brand, Mitsubishi Electric doesn’t just promote the cause of sustainability; it advocates this belief through its range of sustainable and energy-efficient product range. After all, it is important to put a sustained effort to achieve a better tomorrow.