Power to Protect Transformers

Transformer oil is one of the most critical components in a power generation, transmission and distribution system that supports a transformer functioning at optimum condition...

As the world’s 3rd largest producer of transformer oil, APAR has developed the right capabilities and expertise to deliver quality and timely service to its customers. Under their flagship brand, “POWEROIL®”, the company offers an extensive range of transformer oils, which is developed through its in-house R&D efforts.

With a supply record of more than 12,000KL of transformer oil, APAR is the only approved Indian dielectric fluid supplier for 800kV UHVDC applications.

The transformers in these HVDC projects have been in service for more than ten years and still offer excellent insulating oil performance. A few of the major HVDC grid projects protected by POWEROIL® include:

  • 800 kV UHVDC Champa – Kurukshetra Circuit 1 & 2 of 6000 MW
  • 800 kV UHVDC Raigarh – Pughalur project of 6000 MW.

For over five decades, POWEROIL® has led the innovation curve in the transformer oils segment and meets various international performance standards. As a preferred supplier to all leading power transformer manufacturers, APAR has pioneered the market with more than 60% share in high-grade applications power transformers oil and 40% in distribution transformer oil in India.

Today, POWEROIL® is trusted by major OEMs, utilities, power generation, transmission and distribution companies in 145+ countries to deliver cost-effective, quality products and services. APAR offers the most comprehensive range of transformer oils, including naphthenic and iso–paraffinic grades conforming to all major international standards. The company also provides the most extensive range of customized grades.

APAR has recently introduced “POWEROIL® TO NE Premium”, a high-performance K Class Natural Ester-based transformer oil formulated from renewable plant-based feedstocks. This makes it readily biodegradable (OECD 301 B) > 90%, with excellent cooling characteristics, offers high oxidation stability, fire resistance and low aquatic toxicity.

“POWEROIL® TO NE Premium” meets IEC 62770: 2013, ASTM D 6871 – 17 and IS 16659:2017 specifications. It provides improved oxidative life of 164 hours compared to 48 hours of the IEC 62770 standard. It also offers the lowest viscosity build-up (less than 7%) at 164 hours, as per IEC 61125C.

POWEROIL® TO NE PREMIUM is widely accepted for eco-sensitive zones, critical areas for transformers in offshore windmill systems, floating solar power system installations and distribution transformers in high-density urban areas.

For its speciality oils business, APAR has built two state-of-the-art manufacturing units in India and one in the Hamariyah free zone (Sharjah, UAE). The combined capacity of these facilities is 520,000 KL. The facilities are accredited with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OSHAS 45001:2018, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 & DSIR. Additionally, the company has blending units in Australia, South Africa & Turkey.

For product enquiries, visit www.apar.com or email corporate@apar.com

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