Raising the Paradigm of Sustainability and Innovation

Panasonic Life Solutions India has recently rolled out its UNO Switchgear range. The series is characterized by its versatile features that contribute to providing operational ease and convenience along with enhanced energy saving and upgraded safety features…

Transformation of the electrical construction material industry, especially in the switchgear market is expected to drive the demand for sustainable switchgear products. The switchgear is turning intrinsically intelligent, allowing consumers to have better asset management and go for predictive maintenance, thereby reducing interruption. With the expansion of smart grids, the need for quality power is also increasing. To address the consumer needs of smarter solutions, the demand is linked to the construction of new houses, replacement of conventional fuses, and growing awareness about safety. To cater to this, Panasonic Life Solutions India keeping in mind all the safety measures, durability and sustainability introduced its new UNO Switchgear range.

Electrical security is one of the primary aspects of any property, be it residential or commercial. The introduction of UNO switchgear is a breakthrough in this segment, with its cutting-edge technology that fits perfectly to prevent electrical hazards. The product is a complete class apart from the ordinary, thus making Panasonic Life Solutions the ‘most trusted brand’ in the electrical construction material sector.

The series offers optimal security such as trip indication by mid-trip, positive contact indication, energy-efficient MCB. The UNO Switchgear range comprises premium Distribution Boards, MCBs, RCCBs, Isolators & Mini-MCBs (Modular & Non-Modular), COS, ACCL, Busbar DB, MCCB, etc.  The products under this extensive range offer versatile features that contribute to providing operational ease and convenience. Additionally, the multi functionalities aim to reduce energy consumption and thus improving minimum energy wastage sustainability.

The UNO MCCB, HR RCCB, Busbar DB, Rotary switch with enclosure & range of MCCB enclosure with DBs are new products to complete the UNO basket for domestic products S/G. These incorporate all the safety features as per the set standards. The UNO series products are all tested under in-house as well as a third party to ensure that our quality follows the world-class standard products.

UNO MCCB range of products has been recently launched with premium features & high-performance quality supports. It is a bridge between domestic and industrial switchgear products. These products will definitely stand as a game-changer – not only in the trade segment but also in the residential & commercial projects with control panel builders and manufacturers.

This new range thus offers sustainable products with the energy saving and longer durability aspect. The UNO Switchgear rings in a new dimension of security for modern spaces due to its best-in-class manufacturing processes, use of superior raw-materials and stringent quality control adding to the comfort and safety of millions of Indians.



Yogesh Verma is an Industrial Production Engineering graduate. He also holds PGDSCM from Symbiosis, Pune.

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