Real-Time Monitoring of Switchgear based on IoT

The article talks about an on-line monitoring device based on IoT (Internet of Things) that enables safeguard the normal operation of a switchgear and enhance longevity of power systems and degree of automation operation.

Switchgear is an important apparatus in power transmission and distribution system, the switchgear encounters a vital role in the power transmission line and the monitoring data. The safety and reliability of power equipment is usually an important link to ensure the security of distribution and transmission and power grid. In this article, it reflects a switchgear on-line monitoring device based on IoT (Internet of Things), to safeguard the normal operation of the switchgear and enhance the longevity of power systems and degree of automation operation. Thus, it has a very important connotation.

Structure and Principles of the Integrated Monitoring Device
The IoT based monitoring of switchgear consists of four parts, which are monitoring units, identification unit, control unit and switchgear IED (intelligent electronic equipment). Amongst, monitoring unit comprises mechanical attribute of monitoring unit, a bus or contact temperature unit of monitoring; the recognition unit primarily includes all kinds of electronics tag information installed in an equipment. The control unit incorporates control cabinet subunit ‘Five Anti’ lockout control sub-unit; switchgear IED through CAN, to communicate with other units. Zig-Bee transmission is there, hence make the appropriate processing and algorithm. The overall structure of the schematic diagram is shown in below figure.

Monitoring Unit
The mechanical attribute of monitoring unit can gather the running state parameter of the circuit breaker in real time, depend upon the sensor signal precisely or through processing data to obtain the required status of circuit breaker, and analysed the circuit breaker condition. In addition, there are two types of digital inputs in monitoring units: normally open contact and normally closed contact, through these circuit breakers were permitted normally open and normally closed and switch state was decided by the auxiliary contacts.

Bus and contact temperature monitoring sub unit
The contact temperature monitoring sub unit was installed in the bus, contact arm, mainly monitor bus/contact temperature was connected through the ZigBee wireless communication method to transfer monitor data to switchgear IED.

Control Unit
Cabinet gymnastics control unit
The gymnastics control unit in monitoring of switchgear consists of three parts: the first part used to be monitoring of switch in cabinet and the switch status was displayed from the signal taken of the auxiliary contact of the first element in the switchgear; the second part is control switchgear by means of electric operation; the third part is the signal from the temperature and humidity inside the switchgear.

‘Five-Anti’ lockout control sub-unit
‘Five Anti’ means, in extension to avoid misclassification, mistakes in breaker, the alternative ‘four defence’ needed compulsory locking. The core of the locking device was controlled by the processor, and user need to operate and follow certain steps, the controller inspect each operation as directed to the stored program, if performed correctly, the correct audible indicator was sent and admissible operation was carried out; if wrong then it will play a voice reminder, and next operation cannot be carried out, hence, the person and apparatus safety were safeguard.

Identification unit
RFID is known for non-contact automatic identification technology. RFID technology of circuit breaker is used for in-exclusive monitoring device and recognition unit, cabinet and other apparatus report recognition. The information of apparatus was pre-buried inside it such as circuit breaker, isolating switch, grounding switch, bus, the information was sent to the monitoring host directly by RFID technology to understand the dynamic operation of the apparatus and also to locate the apparatus precisely.

Switchgear IED
These are units primarily accustomed to receive every observance units knowledge from realising remote observance operate. It will be endorsing a numerous reasonably completely different observance units within the switch cupboard that uses a great deal of communication ways to harmonise the switchgear. It conjointly endorses the cable transmission and wireless transmission mode to analyse the info communication and management between every observance unit and also the switchgear IED so it can’t be tormented by the robust electrical fields within the switchgear, high voltage, high current, robust no particulate radiation, high-frequency noise harmonious wave interference issues. The hardware assumption diagram is shown within the below figure.

This system uses modular, structured design ideas for software design, in order to promote the future of the program and the expansion and transplantation of different functional modules. The software program progresses the chart of the monitoring device is shown in figure below. The overall process is an infinite loop, each cycle will continue interrogate the state of the switchgear, press and other assorted input.

The proposed based on networking technology integrated switchgear cabinet detection means a collection of various of monitoring units, the use of wired communication and wireless communication way will set up a variety of information of the switchgear, analysing the monitoring and control of the switchgear effectively. The monitoring device of high integration, reliable data transmission, realise the intelligent switchgear, boost the level of online monitoring, reduce the maintenance workload, enhance the reliability of power supply.

Raman Nanda
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Parala Maharaja Engineering College Berhampur, Odisha.

Dr. Sarat Kumar Sahoo
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Parala Maharaja Engineering College Berhampur, Odisha.

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