Power cuts or other power supply related issues are one of the key areas of concern for any utility. In line with its focus on ‘ Customer Centricity, Tata Power has recently deployed a unique feature called ‘Mobile-GIS assisted system for Restoration and Care’ (maRC) for its Mumbai customers. It is a digitally automated and cost effective system for the complete ‘customer trouble call management’ including quality and effective tracking related to power cut or outage complaints.

The system sends a message to the customer on their mobile number upon registration of technical complaint with the link for ‘maRC’, which gives details pertaining to ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) of the technician assigned to attend to the fault. The application also enables easy tracking of the technician’s location in real time on a Map. This offers ease and assurance to the customers that Tata Power has registered the complaint and is in the process of priority resolution.

The ‘maRC’ system apart from engaging with the customer during a technical complaint also acts as an efficient complaint resolution tool. Once the technical complaint is resolved, the system gains immediate first-hand feedback on experience, which can be done with just a few clicks on mobile. This experience connect through customer feedback serves as a measure for the company to further enhance its customer service in technical complaint resolution and ensure customer delight.

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