“We have developed our products for our customers with ease of use in mind…”

Deep Sea Electronics (DSE) is one of the world’s top manufacturers of generator controllers, auto transfer switch controllers, battery chargers and vehicle & off-highway controllers. Pune-based Deep Sea Electronics Ltd – India represents the company in India. In an exclusive e-interview with P. K. Chatterjee (PK) from Electrical India, Simon Nadin, Managing Director of the company speaks about their business and future plans for India. Excerpts…

How is the business of Deep Sea Electronics growing globally & in India?

Over the last two years we have seen a series of challenges that have severely tested the resilience of companies and markets worldwide. Despite these adverse conditions, I’m pleased to say that DSE has continued to perform extremely well and has grown globally during this time. That isn’t to say we haven’t had our issues. The supply chain during this time proved to be extremely difficult and demanding.

India as a nation has been and continues to be a very important market for us. We have traded for many years and in 2014 our first Indian office was opened in Gurgaon, later relocating to Pune. From here we offer sales and technical support to an established and growing customer base in the Indian sub-continent.

Today India is widely regarded as the fastest growing economy and is on track to become the world’s third largest economy by 2027.  In line with this we will be investing further in DSE India… our focus being local support for local business.

What are your company’s latest offerings for the industries?

It’s an exciting time for DSE as we are currently in the release process for our new load share platform.

The G8600 is a ground up product development, incorporating all the features of the existing DSE load share platform with the additions targeting complex applications including group control to support more than x4000 sets, bus sectioning for bus tie and multi-mains applications, phase locking for fast transfers, as well as custom data content transfer over the all new advanced load share link.

The enhanced load demand scheme sees support added for spinning capacity/reserve, balanced engine hours and calling for more or less sets, which is used to keep generators within their most efficient power range.

The G8600 is a step change and includes an integrated panel gasket, x4 increased display resolution with integrated heater, and is powered by the latest microcontroller technology.

This new platform is truly industry leading, with many customers already interested in utilising this as a replacement for their historical platforms provided by our competitors.

Which are the emerging industrial sectors where your products have a good potential?

As previously mentioned, we have seen growth across our key product offerings of; DSEGenset®, DSEControl®, DSEPower® and DSEAts®. Whilst our analysis and forecasts lead us to be optimistic, that our growth will continue, there are certain areas and sectors where we expect to see greater potential.

In nations where regular power outages occur, generators continue to be crucial. In the rapidly urbanizing world, the requirement for a reliable and constant power supply has increased the demand for generators on a global level. Residential and several commercial sectors depend on generators for their smooth operations; hospitals, data centres, telecoms and infrastructure.

The telecom industry has witnessed a global boom owing to the number of new mobile subscribers leading to demand high-speed data connectivity, and value-added managed solutions. For avoiding interruption in signals, these telecom towers are incorporated with high-capacity industrial generators for backup in case of power cuts. As a result, the need for generators is being driven by the expanding telecom sector.

Regional government regulations are increasingly changing to improve emissions and environmental impact. In India, for example, the Emission Control Equipment for Automotive (ECEA) and NCAP (National Clean Air Program) monitors generator-related regulations are in focus.

What is your Unique Selling Proposition?

Our mission is to build long-term successful relationships with our customers and partners by understanding their needs, delivering advanced control solutions & providing unrivalled support services.

As such our customers are at the heart of our business, and it is this engagement that ensures we listen, understand, and continue to design and manufacture industry leading control systems.  In doing so we strive to be a technology partner, helping our customers select the right control system to enable them to optimise their products, packages and solutions.

How are your products contributing to Green Energy target?

Whilst a diesel generators’ flexible function, reliable performance, and longer engine lifespan are expected to sustain high demand into the future, at DSE we are working to ensure our controllers offer the flexibility to our customers to help reduce emissions.

Alternative fuels / technologies such as hydrogen and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) feature strongly on our product roadmap.

We have a number of active customer projects and internal innovation and research projects in the hydrogen space which are being developed to become part of our product range in the near future.

There is also strong focus on control solutions for battery energy storage systems, which will help customers solve power management challenges for both commercial and industrial sites by incorporating local renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. This will support a wide range of applications such as back-up power, peak shaving, load shifting and frequency regulation. The system can be used to participate in frequency regulation and thereby contribute to grid stability. Furthermore, when deployed with our sophisticated control software, this will intelligently identify what generation and loads need to be prioritised.

In addition, alongside DSE within the Controls and Automation Group, our sister company Motortech which specialises in gas generators, is making sure its ignition systems are hydrogen ready.

How do you ensure quality of products and services?

Producing a high-quality product starts long before questions of manufacturing or inspection come into play. From conception to completion, a high-quality product is only as good as its design. At DSE we believe in investing heavily in market driven R&D, ensuring our products offer the functionality and features required for industry. Equally, we invest in high levels of automation at our state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility, which is supported by our talented supply chain team. This not only underpins our drive for high quality components and products but also ensures we remain globally competitive. Finally, our after sales and technical teams provide tools and support ensuring we are a valued technical partner.

Can your products run on public-domain software or those all are based on proprietary software?

Our products use proprietary software lead by engineers based in our UK offices. We use library code from high quality third party vendors where applicable to increase time to market. The Linux operating system is something that is not currently used for our Generator controllers but is something we have expertise in and is used on other products, specifically our M800 range of robust displays.

How do you train the users and your service technicians?

Over the years, we have developed our products for our customers with ease of use in mind. This includes, through our Config Suite, the capability of displaying any language giving greater transparency and flexibility for the end user wherever they are located geographically.

In addition, where our customers need support, we offer a variety of training options ranging from practical videos, on-line courses and of course, in person training sessions. For example, the DSE India team operating out of Puna are able to tap into on-line material, deliver training locally in our conference facilities or visit customer sites as required.

With DSE Technical Support Services, we offer comprehensive round-the-clock support. Our technical support team in India, backed by our global support team in the UK, USA and Dubai are adept at handling and resolving all manner of technical queries from the simple to the more complex. Every phone call and email we receive is logged and tracked until conclusion.

What’s your comment on the cost competitiveness of your products that are sold in India?

Quality, ease-of-use and reliability are the cornerstones of our product and service offering.

What would you like to communicate to the potential Indian purchase managers of your products?

DSE remains focused on our core values of high quality innovative products with world class customer support, high reliability and therefore a low cost of ownership.

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