“We want to partner with customers to solve their biggest challenges…”

TE Connectivity is an American Swiss-domiciled technology company that designs and manufactures connectors and sensors for several industries, such as automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defence, medical, oil and gas, consumer electronics and energy. In an exclusive e-interview with Electrical India, Ambrish Bhagat, Head- Sales, TE Industrial India, reveals their company’s future plans to P. K. Chatterjee (PK). Excerpts…

How is the business of TE Connectivity growing in India in the post-corona days?

TE is one amongst many other companies which has seen ‘record growth’ across industrial sector post covid. I see this growth in two different ways.

Number one, Typically up-cycle (peak) and downcycle (trough) is a part of any business cycle. I see 2021-22 as a peak of the business cycle after 2016-17. This is one way of looking at it in terms of general economics.

Number two, Covid has changed the way-of-living and way-of-thinking, which eventually has impacted many industries in terms of increase in demand. Adoption of automation in factories, building and homes, increase demand of power management equipment and solutions for residential, commercial and industrial use, a boom in digital sector increasing demand of data and speed driving growth for datacom equipment and associated devices, work-from-home / hybrid way of working driving demand of home appliances and other consumer devices.

Can you please tell me in brief about TE Connectivity’s futuristic vision as far as ‘electrification of everything’ is concerned?

‘Electrification of Everything’ means a lot for TE Connectivity. The journey from fossil fuels to electricity is now coupled with environmental sustainability by targeting climate change and reducing carbon emission. Our futuristic vision on Electrification of everything is towards BESS (Battery Energy Storage System), EVI (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure), Warehouse Automation (Electric Forklifts, AGV) and Rail & Metro.

How is TE Connectivity’s presence growing in the Indian solar photovoltaic industry?

India is blessed with good solar irradiance. India receives about 5000 Trillion kWh of energy per year from the sun on its land area. Solar photovoltaic power can effectively be harnessed providing huge scalability in India. TE Connectivity offers connectivity solutions for Solar Photovoltaic industry. Our focus in Solar PV industry is more towards inverters / micro inverters and emerging applications such as BESS and we are seeing great opportunities in these applications in recent past and in coming years.

What are your offerings to upgrade ‘street lighting’ systems?

We have majority of solutions to upgrade street light. Whether you want to upgrade a conventional / sodium vapour lamp based street light into LED based street light, or, from normal LED based street light to a street light equipped with motion sensors and smart controls, or, a Fully Connected smart street pole with applications around EV Chargers, CCTV’s, WiFi etc. Our products, which go into these applications are LED Engine Interconnects, LED Driver Interconnects, Dimming Receptacles, Wire Management, relays, contactors, switches, sensors and other passive components.

Do you offer customised products based on any individual company’s special requirement?

Yes, as long as the product and application fits into our strategy. Our strategy is to be a premier provider of components and integrated solutions to industrial customers. TE Connectivity has over 8,000 engineers working into R&D and product development. We want to partner with customers to solve their biggest challenges in terms of connectivity solutions.

Can you brief me on your future plans for the Indian business?

Our industrial business has plans to grow at 20% CAGR over the next five years. We are seeing significant growth will come from Railways & Metros, Industrial Automation & Controls, BESS, Motion & Drives, Outdoor Lighting and Warehouse Automation. We are taking significant efforts in terms of SAM and PAM expansion to win in these markets.

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