Betting Smartly on the Smart Grid

The need for smart transformers looks more real 5 years down the line. Our products and our online condition monitoring system are aligned with these technological advances... We see ourselves leading the way in transformer data analytics. Girish Kumar, Managing Director, Sai Electricals

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Betting Smartly on the Smart Grid

Sai Electricals, a unit of Sai Computers Ltd., is a manufacturer and exporter of transformers and servo voltage stabilisers. Here, in an interview with Electrical India, Managing Director of Sai Electricals, Girish Kumar talks about his current business and future roadmap.

What is the range of transformers you manufacture?

There is a very wide range of transformers that we have manufactured – from regular transformers to very specialised ones. We have manufactured transformers from 10 kVA at the lower end to 20 MVA at the higher end up to 33 kV class. There are a variety of specialised transformer products that we have manufactured for metro rails, Siemens, Amazon, Indian railways etc. In keeping with today’s needs of environment and energy preservation we have also developed our latest range of transformers, the 4HD transformers.

Can you explain more about your latest offering, 4HD?

We have quite good experience in transformer manufacturing and maintenance and putting this experience to good use, we have developed 4HD transformers. They are highly efficient which results in energy saving and reduced bills. They are also long-lasting thus have low maintenance cost. They are also highly fire safe, more than the regular transformers. The key feature of 4HD transformers is that they are environmentally friendly as they do not emit or leak harmful components, unlike other transformers. 4HD transformers find their applications in critical and fire sensitive areas, also in places where there is space criticality as they are compact as well. We have delivered few 4HD transformers already and view it as a promising product for the future.

How unique are your Servo Voltage Stabilisers?

Our servo voltage stabilisers are quite unique, for which we have developed a unique technology for rolling contact type Servo Voltage Stabilisers. We have applied for patent for this technology. This makes our stabilisers very compact. Our Servo voltage stabilisers offer unbalanced voltage control as against the balanced voltage control in other competing products. Not going into too much detail, it is important to note that our product provides stable voltage on all three phases. This is important because a spike in a single phase can cause voltage problems on all three phases, and a slight voltage fluctuation can cause huge damage.

How do you maintain product quality?

Quality is our foremost focus. Our customers think of us when they want quality products and recommend us. We take it very seriously and comply with various certifications such as ISO 9001:2015. We have successfully implemented 5S and Lean Manufacturing. We regularly run quality circle to continuously optimise our process and production and also keep our employees satisfied and aligned with the ultimate goal of manufacturing quality product. An important aspect of quality control and management is removing errors by automating tasks and processes. In the past year, we have enabled software-controlled development. Starting from order release, design, to production and dispatch, everything is planned, monitored and controlled using our in-house developed Plant Management System. We have automated the designing process as well; design of every job is created through software making it optimum in lesser time and lesser iterations. It helps us focus on the manufacturing of quality products and help us keeping our customer happy.

Brief us on your manufacturing capabilities.

We can manufacture transformers between 10 kVA to 20 MVA, upto 33 kV voltage class. In this range, we can cater to almost any need. In terms of number of transformers, we can manufacture 300 transformers in a month of assorted ratings.

We have testing facilities for all routine testing and even for some special tests. We have also invested in latest machinery to increase production and production quality.

How significant is your presence in the export markets?

We supply regularly to various markets globally. Especially in neighbouring countries like Nepal and Myanmar, we have significant presence. South-East Asian countries are also key markets and we are expanding more into them. Outside Asia, we have also been active in African countries like Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, and Uganda.

Is there any new product in pipeline?

Of course, there are many. We have a very committed team working on various unique offerings for the power sector companies. To mention one on the top of my head is software requirements of monitoring and analysis of power sector data. This can help reduce losses of power and enable efficient distribution and utilisation of resources for power companies. There are very few companies, actually none, who can analyse the vast amount of data in a focussed way like we are doing. This will also bring down consumer cost and enable better energy utilisation.

Where do you see your company 5 years from now?

With the technological advances the idea of smart grids is not far-fetched anymore. The need for smart transformers looks more real 5 years down the line. Our products and our online condition monitoring system are aligned with these technological advances. Our experience, learning and perseverance are unmatched. We see ourselves leading the way in transformer data analytics.