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Green Energy


Although several years ago, the European Commission banned the use of SF₆ gas in almost all sectors, only in switchgear industry it is still being used in a big way owing to the advantage that the gas ensures that any arcs that may occur during switching are quickly extinguished. However, the environmental impact of SF₆ gas is around 23,500 times more than that of CO₂ and once leaked it can remain in the atmosphere for up to 3,200 years. Thus, introduction of SF₆ alternatives should be given topmost priority today… - P. K. Chatterjee (PK)

“Electrified villages to drive growth”

Upgradation and capacity enhancement especially in the rural areas will be one factor that will surely assist in growth. Vivek Yadav, Senior Vice President, Havells India.
Panasonic Life

Panasonic Life Solutions India introduces new UNO Switchgear range

Transformation of the electrical construction material industry especially, in the switchgear market is expected to drive the demand for sustainable switchgear products. The switchgear...

Electrical Circuit Breakers

Many unwanted disturbances or fluctuations in voltage or current of electric circuits take place due to many known or controlled and unknown or uncontrolled reasons – like sparking, high voltage, moisture, leakage, over loading etc. Thus, use of appropriate switchgears protect us from harmful damages... - Dr S S Verma

System-based testing of distance protection relays

Testing distance protection relays – safe, simple, quick.
schneider electric and aveva extend partnership


- The Electrical India Content Team Schneider Electric and AVEVA, announced their expanded partnership to deliver innovative solutions for the data center market, the companies...
Electricity, Transformers, Motors, Switchgear, Cables, electrical wires, Meter & Measuring Instruments | Why Intelligent Switchgears?- Subhajit Roy, Group Editor - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

Why Intelligent Switchgears?- Subhajit Roy, Group Editor

With the devices getting smarter, user interfaces getting IoT enabled, the surge in intelligent switchgear is the next big trend.

Influence Of Overvoltage Current

The work presents the research of high voltage circuit breakers characteristics influence on switching over-voltages and over-currents conditioned by inductive and capacitive load's Switchings. The suggestion for the circuit breakers choice from the point of view of permissible levels of voltages and induced Electro-motive Force in secondary circuits are given... - Amol Sonawane


“Circuit breakers are mechanical switching devices, capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions – and also making, carrying for a specified time and breaking currents under specified abnormal circuit conditions such as those of a short circuit... - Dr P K Pattanaik
Electricity, Transformers, Motors, Switchgear, Cables, electrical wires, Meter & Measuring Instruments | Load Break Switch: Evaluation of Breaking & Making Capabilities - Electrical India Magazine on Power & Electrical products, Renewable Energy, Transformers, Switchgear & Cables

Load Break Switch: Evaluation of Breaking & Making Capabilities

Among several switching devices largely used in medium voltage distribution systems, which change the grid configuration, isolates faulty parts from the grid, etc. Load break switch is a remarkable one. For the reason to analyse the interrupting capabilities, load break switch rated up to 52kV has to undergo various test duties according to IEC 62271-103. This article focuses on the parameters involved in evaluation of its behaviour during make-break tests. - Yugal Agrawal, K.Sharath kumar

Safely Grounded!

Timing measurements on gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) with grounding on both sides.
Ind Ra Revises Energy Infrastructure Sector Fy21 Outlook To Negative

Negative outlook for energy infra sector amidst COVID-19 crisis

India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) has revised its outlook for energy infrastructure companies to negative from stable for FY21, as the COVID-19-driven lockdown is...

Switchgear Market worth USD 125.10 bn by 2022

The global market is set to witness a significant growth due to the continued growth of construction and developmental activities, increasing access to electricity, and growth of renewable power generation projects…

Sulphur Hexa Floride Circuit Breakers

There are attractive possibilities of the combination of SF6 insulation with vacuum interrupters. Another recent suggestion is to use liquid SF6 in a container much like oil… - Prof N S Gorhe


How is the demand growing for low voltage switchgears in India? The demand for low-voltage switchgears in India has been growing at a healthy CAGR...

Looking At The Future

The compactness of Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS) has a direct influence on land requirement, and land cost. Compact modular designs offer many possibilities in layout design, and allow tailor made applications... - Md. Mobinul Islam,Shahnawaz Ahmad

GCR launched ‘Center of Excellence’ in Central Florida

GCR Inc. (GCR) is opening a Center of Excellence in Heathrow that will focus on innovation in GovTech. It is the cornerstone of a...

Switch To Switcgears,And Circuit Breakers With Relays

The human progress is a continuous journey, so what is in vogue today becomes obsolete after some time. Still the journey is continuing... - P S Shah
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KEI Industries pledges to support India’s battle against COVID-19

-By Electrical India Content Team On the 1st of April 2020, KEI Industries pledged Rs. 2 Cr to the PM Care Fund supporting the fight...

Tricolite extends Schneider Electric’s Premset Switchgear footprint in India

Schneider Electric is all set to achieving the next level with their license partner Tricolite Electrical Industries Ltd for their new generation MV switchgears...