Energy Management for Industries

In this age of rapidly dwindling natural resources, the prudent use of available resources cannot be overemphasized. One such critical expensive resource is energy. Energy Management is, therefore, key to maximizing productivity at the least possible cost.

Right Energy Management involves the following cyclic steps:

• Get – Get the right data on actual energy consumption
• Set – Set targets for optimum use of energy
• Save – Execute energy saving plans
• Review – Monitor progress towards the goal and refine action plans
• A good Energy Management System or Solution (EMS) must provide continuous, reliable and actionable information to effectively implement energy saving plans.

It should have the following components:

• Data collection – Information is everything!
• Fully automated, accurate meters for measuring real time data from all critical consumption points, 24×7.

Data transmission – Data lost is opportunity lost!

Smart Gateways with in-built memory can ensure zero data loss even in case of communication failure. Smart Gateways also capture and transmit alarms via SMS.

Data Analysis – Reports & Alerts for Action

Converting the collected raw data into actionable reports to generate energy saving plans and achieve cost savings with user-friendly software.

The EMS should generate reports in the following broad categories:

• Electrical energy accounting & power system management:
• lPlant energy & power flow monitoring
• lDemand & PF monitoring to avoid penalties
• lEnergy reports as per ISO 50001
• lCost center reports (Shift wise, daily, weekly, monthly etc)
• lSpecific energy consumption (SEC / EPI) – Plant / department wise
• lPareto analysis to identify areas for action

Utilities Management
lDiesel Generators, Air Compressors, Steam Generation (Boilers)
lWater Management Load Management
lMachine wise SEC analysis, Bench-marking & Loss Accounting
lMachine Utilization analysis Additional Features
lEnergy Saving & RoI Calculator
lMaintenance Modules

An EMS implemented with the right meters, right network, right software and most importantly the right partner will surely pave the way for a energy efficient enterprise.

Happy Savings!

Credit:  Mr. Sudhir Kumta, Vice president, Atandra|Krykard, Atandra Energy Pvt Ltd.

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