“Esennar contributes to infrastructural advancement”

Sridhar Reddy Arumalla, Managing Director, Esennar Transformers sheds light on Indian power and distribution transformers in an e-mail interaction with Electrical India.

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Esennar contributes to infrastructural advancement”

What has been the journey of Esennar Transformers so far?

Esennar is one of the reputed transformer manufacturers in India with a comprehensive world-class design and manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. Since set up in 2000, Esennar powered its way into the elated league delivering world-class transformers with BIS or ISI 1180 license. We are also certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 company. With more than decade of experience, we understand the challenges of industry and always strive to find innovative solutions. We have state-of-the-art facilities in design, manufacture and testing to supply custom-built oil cooled, dry type or cast resin transformers. Pan India with 14 regional offices provide comprehensive sales and service activities.

What evolutions have you witnessed in Indian power and distribution transformers sector?

Power sector in India has grown significantly since independence, both in the installed capacity and transmission and distribution (T&D) system. The total power generating capacity (utilities and non-utilities) has increased from a meager 1362 MW in 1947 to about 399 GW at the end of March 2018 playing a major role in economic growth of the country. The energy consumption is increasing with increased population, industrialisation and urbanisation. At present, India is the third largest producer and third largest consumer of electricity in the world. Power and distribution transformers have shaped the electrical energy supply industry, allowing generations to be located remotely from points of demand. Increasing demand for electrical energy driven by emerging economies and extensive power plant capacities along with the economic growth are some of the key drivers driving the demand for power and distribution transformers.

What are the products offered by the company catering to power and distribution transformers industry?

Esennar equipped with BIS or ISI 1180 license, our manufacturing range includes Oil Filled Transformers from 100 KVA to 16 MVA upto 33 KV class and 25 MVA upto 132 KV class, Dry type or Cast resin transformers upto 5MVA, 33 KV class, Transolar – Multi-winding Transformers for solar power, Furnace Transformers, Rectifier transformers, Compact or Packaged or Unitised Substations, Mining Transformers, Earthing Transformers, and Converter duty Transformers.

Esennar successfully carried out dynamic short circuit test upto 12.5 MVA, 33/11 KV at CPRI, Bhopal and lightning impulse voltage test upto 11MVA, 66/11 KV at CPRI, Hyderabad. Also, we successfully got short circuit test passed in first attempt of solar inverter transformer for 5.3MVA, 0.500×2/33kV and 2.5MVA, 0.350×2/33kV.

What is the current scenario in power and distribution transformers segment?

The increasing demand of electricity, upgrading transmission networks, cross border transmissions are fuelling investments in power and distribution transmissions infrastructure driving a growth in power and distribution transformer market. Frequent technology update is encouraging transformer manufacturers to further innovate and enhance product designs, increasing the competition in the market. Leading transformer manufacturers are employing innovative technologies to differentiate their products from others and consolidate their positions in the global market. Maximising the output and performance remains a challenging task, and transformers are no exception. Complexity in the designing process continues to be one of the major challenges in power and distribution transformers.

What technological innovations are incorporated in your products in order to make them more superior and competitive as compared to your peers?

Esennar is the best equipped in its class with present day technologies resulting in continual improvement. Our invention relating to Cast Resin Transformers with Direct Mounted Tap Changers first-of-its-kind in the world, our innovative core building without yolk studs which promote noiseless functioning and reduce eddy current losses are some of the glimpses of our technological innovations. While the German machinery ensures flawless end products, the Swiss automated testing systems reassure the quality of transformers. Computerised and fully automated testing, the revolutionary winding process powered by the L and S bend machines inspires robust and the most efficient products. Our distinctive assembling process guarantees superior resistance to short circuitry forces and heating at brazing points.

How does digitisation help in improving performance and reliability of products?

Esennar firmly believes that digitisation is a smart way to increase productivity of an organisation and cope up with competition. It helps in streamlining business more effectively. In cooperating innovative technology to our strategies will boost the efficiency and performance of an organisation. Digitisation can help in monitoring the transformers in real time.
As a result, the condition of the systems can be evaluated with much greater speed, efficiency and consistency. Digitisation also will improve the efficiency of the electricity system and better meet the customers’ diverse needs.

What kind of opportunities do you envisage for your company with the government’s project of 100 smart cities, ‘power for all’ scheme etc? 

Incorporation of the smart grid technology in the smart cities project will offer a unique opportunity to jump to an improved electricity environment and provide reliable 24X7 electricity to consumers. Innovation for combating space constraint, Esennar indigenously designed dry type transformers will help setting up the infrastructures where alternative spaces are not available.

Governments of emerging economies are not only focusing on raising production capacities but also emphasising on transmission and distribution infrastructure. Increasing government support has boosted the adoption of renewable sources of power across the residential and industrial sectors, which are expected to drive the power and distribution transformers market. Esennar as a power and distribution transformer manufacturer approved by most of the state and central power utilities will grab these opportunities. We have a strong team of design, manufacturing, quality control and assurance who consistently caters to the demands of the industry.

What is your outlook for the sector?

The power sector is pivotal for global energy and economic outlook, it will play a huge role in ensuring the challenges in India’s unprecedented growth. Energy demand in India is projected to soar over the coming decades, propelled by an economy that grows to reach more than five-times to its current size by 2040. Increasing number of transmission and distribution infrastructure, grid interconnection and overhaul of existing ones are the major drivers for transformers market. Esennar contributes to the infrastructural advancement and innovates new technology to enrich customer contentment.

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