“We have incorporated the highest forms of human safety…”

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a state-of-the-art LV power switchgear and control gear called METTA. Sumeet Sharma, Assistant General Manager, LV Switchgear-Project Dept. of Automation & Industrial Division, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. is explaining the details of the product to P. K. Chatterjee (PK) online. Excerpts...

What are the salient features of METTA LV power switchgear that help in saving cost?

METTA Low Voltage power switchgear and control gear assembly conforms to the latest IEC61439-1&2 standard and is designed and manufactured utilizing Mitsubishi Electric state-of-the-art technology, fully taking into account present and future power system requirements.

Customer benefits with salient features with saving cost function includes the following:

  • Build up to 5000A, 415 V AC Power control panel, and Motor control panel.
  • Tested short-circuit current (lcw) value up to 100kA 1 sec
  • Aluminium busbar design
  • High levels of internal safety and tested up to Form 4b Type 7
  • Build up to IP 54 degree of external protection
  • No temperature derations up to 55 degree Celsius
  • Design tested to IEC 61439- 1&2 with ASTA & ERDA certification
  • Weld free modular bolted and flat Pack enclosures
  • Modular construction enables modification in panel shell on-site during or alter execution as per site conditions

Why are you using aluminium busbar instead of copper?

The Aluminium Busbar provides a special heat dissipation design.

It is a good conductor of electricity, and can also approximately be 70% lighter, when compared with copper. The lightweight properties make aluminium bus bar installation so fast and easy that a single operator can do it. Aluminium bus bar weight properties not only allow for ease and convenience but cost-savings as well. Thus, we are using aluminium bus bar instead of copper.

Please tell us about the extended safety aspects that you have included in METTA’s design.

We have incorporated the highest forms of human safety as well as protection of materials and environment during the designing of METTA Panel.

The Internal Partition separation class is up to form 4b type 7 according to standard BS EN 61439-2, which completely isolates the live parts. It gives flexibility to work in one section of the panel while the rest of the panel is still live with Power.

What are the site-specific advantages of its modular construction?

METTA comes with many advantages that make it flexible, user-friendly, safe, and reliable. We realize site-specific necessity for modular construction and therefore, METTA is 100% weld-free modular bolted design. The comprehensive design of METTA channelizes the structure so that assemblies are fastened with metric bolts and screws. To ease the flexibility, it can be built to any size in height, width, and depth, the modular component inventory is less. The Modular construction also enables modification in Panel Enclosure on-site during or after execution as per site conditions. So, we have covered the basis of the modification as per the requirement of our customer.

Can Metta Switchgear work efficiently in a highly corrosive environment?

Yes, METTA switchboard is tested and certified in the highly corrosive environment conditions by the International lab ASTA and domestic lab Electrical Research and Development Association (ERDA) in India. METTA switchboard offering no temperature deration up to 55-degree Celsius ambient temperature resulting in better thermal stability.

Is it possible to modify METTA’s design as per individual customer’s specification?

Yes, it is possible.  METTA design is 100% weld-free, thus provides maximum flexibility to customers to utilize switchboard as per their site or application requirement without compromising on Technical parameters. So, we are ready to support our customers from various industries as per different site locations.

Has it already been tested in any industry, what does the user-industry say about the advantages of using METTA?

We have tested it in the industry and METTA Panel is being used by customers from various industry segments. While designing, we were sure and now it is proved that METTA design not only brings flexibility, but it also ensures safety & reliability for the convenience of its Users.

Which industries are expected to be the best buyers for METTA?

The Modular design technology in Panels is the need of all Industry segment users. Presently Airports, Residential and Commercial Buildings, Data Centres, Government Utilities, Automobile Industry, various Process Industries, Shopping Malls, Hotels, and many more segments have already standardized on METTA Panel concepts and shall be our focused customer segments.

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